Big Lounges For Big Loungerooms

Bigger is better, or at least that’s how the old saying goes. Having a big lounge room or living space is surely something to be pleased about, and it affords you many options when it comes to decorating, furnishing, and spending time in your space. But going big can have its drawbacks.

A large lounge room can be harder to clean and harder to populate with objects. There has been a push in modern times for minimal spaces with maximum space, but a large loungeroom can feel dead and empty, not something you want from a living room.

There have been many an article written about decorating larger spaces, but what about the lounge? The perfect match of lounge to loungeroom can make or break a space, and when your room is big, a puny 2-seater just won’t do. Here are my top picks for big lunges for big loungerooms.

 The Hammar modular lounge

This wonderfully plush and relaxed lounge can be configured in several different seating sizes, but it’s the four-seater with chaise that you want for your big lounge room. Available in several luxurious shades of resilient fabric, the Hammar modular lounge exudes a cheerful comfort and spaciousness, especially when configured in the tan-colored fabric.

The Avaleen corner chaise lounge

Do you want big? Or do you want big, bold, and opulent? If you’re going to go big, you may as well go for a statement, and the Avaleen corner chaise lounge delivers on all fronts. With soft, almost dripping dimensions, rounded edges, and deep cushions, nothing could make this big comfortable lounge any more luxurious. Oh, did I mention it is upholstered in a deep shade of shimmering blue velvet? Play out your Miami Vice fantasies with this large and in charge chaise lounge from Domayne.

The Montego in plush fabric

Ok, so you have a big space but its not exactly a loungeroom. Perhaps you live in a converted industrial space, and you want to add some minimal luxury without distracting from the space. We can still go big, but with restraint. The Montego is another plush and stylish lounge from Domayne; this three-seater with chaise offers a big seating solution that doesn’t overpower a space.

Modern luxury is all about maximizing space, but it often becomes less luxurious, the less comfortable furniture you have. The Montego is a perfect compromise of utility and aesthetics for a large modern space.

Wiltshire lounge suite

On the other end of the design spectrum, we move away from industrial-minimal chic and cruise back to refined luxury. The Wilshire lunge suite is a classic take on dark chocolate leather lounges, evoking a sense of class and eras passed. Available in three, two, and single-seater lounges, this offers great flexibility. A two-seater Wilshire in the corner of your room will look warm and cozy, or place a series of two-seaters around your large loungeroom for a harmonious design.

Big spaces have gone out of fashion somewhat as they become unattainable for the average folk. Modern city-dwellers use clever solutions to maximize their small spaces, and as such, furniture trends move towards smaller designs or ones that fold and stow away. For most people, making do with a small space is the norm.

In many ways, living in a smaller space is easier, but many of us will never know the joy of a big lounge. A big loungeroom is a rare commodity. If you have a large space, don’t squander it. Find the perfect lounge for your large space. Go big or go home? More like go big in your home.

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