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Online shopping is easier than ever these days. We are just a click away from an order and it is even delivered directly to your home.

Delivery times are getting shorter and payment options are getting easier. Hardly anyone is surprised that city centers are becoming increasingly empty.

While you were still looking for bargains in the shop window at the time, you are now looking for discount codes on the Internet.

Nowadays, you can find literally every product online and order it within a week. That is one reason why nobody needs to go to a shop anymore or starting looking in different stores to find the cheapest product.

Big Shopper is combining every aspect of an easy shopping day.

This website provides you the best service to find your product for the cheapest price online.

Every product you are looking for online is available in hundreds of different selections on various websites. Different online shops often offer different prices for the same products, which makes it difficult for consumers to always find the cheapest option right away. Big Shopper simplifies your search and does the work for you. This price comparison site searches for the cheapest variant of over 400,000 products and shows you exactly where you can order it.

Suppose you want to buy new accessories for your laptop, you can simply enter the desired product in the search bar and Big Shopper shows you where to find it. This does not only apply to technical accessories. This page can help you with all kinds of items: bags and luggage, clothing and accessories, home and garden items or various pet items.

The internet is like a big marketplace, teeming with supply and demand options, and competitive pressure is higher than ever. Of course, this is much more difficult for the consumer, since finding the cheapest offer. These  price search engines are for  every need.

If you are looking e.g for a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, but do not want to pay too much for the worth of the backpack, use Big Shopper. Moreover, Big Shopper is presenting you two possibilities in the colour Red/Black. The website Frank is selling that model for 62 Pounds and on the other hand, Brandfield is selling the same one for 73,10 Pounds. Big Shopper shows you the cheapest deal of 1054 companies and 4261 brands. Amongst other things Big Shopper works with brands like Nintendo, Philips, Fjallraven, Jack Wolfskin  or Herschel.

 How does it work?

Different online providers sell the same products but still offer them in different price ranges. In order not to catch the most expensive product, it is helpful to compare prices. So you enter the desired product in the search bar and Big Shopper searches for the cheapest variant.

So if you are looking for a special laptop, the best price / performance ratio will be suggested. Which one you ultimately choose is up to you and your interests.

But why shows the internet us different prices?

It is not only that search engines showing us different prices in general, it depends on the user who is searching for it. Researchers found out that it depends on your searching history, specific cookies and the IP address from your technical device. One of the best examples is when you are looking for a product with an apple laptop or a cheaper version. What kind of results are shown, depends than on the IP address from that technical device. It is generally agreed today that your results are sometimes more expensive than with another laptop or phone.

What this means is that the price range can change between 5 Euro and 50 Euro.

This case can not happen with Big Shopper. Your Shopping Advisor shows everyone the same price, not matter who is searching for it.

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