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How to Create A Blog on Blogspot? The Ultimate Guide (2021)


This post will explain Blogspot. Do you want to start blogging? First, it is needed to know how to begin a blog. The Internet has plenty of free blog websites such as Blogspot, WordPress, Ghost, etc. Blogspot is Google’s cost free Blogger platform. Here we are covering how to produce a blog on Blogspot. Google Blogger enables you to produce a blog on It is simple to make a totally free Blogspot website. In this short article, you discover to develop a blog for free and make money online from Google without financial investment. Let’s take an opening to the blog, blogging, & Google Blogspot (

How to Create A Blog on Blogspot? The Ultimate Guide (2021)

In this article, you can know about Blogspot here are the details below;

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a web-based diary, a private or group of people frequently upgrade with material. Each upgrade on a blog is called an article. The post can be based on a particular subject or numerous subjects, depending upon the blog’s niche. The current posts on the blog appear initially, i.e., they appear in reverse chronological order. Also check can you see who views your facebook videos.

Why Do Blogging?

There are many factors for which people begin blogging. To name a few–.
– Supporting a social cause.
– Professional networking.
– Showcasing their writing skills.
– Making cash online without financial investment.
– Marketing a service online.


Blogger Vs. Blogspot.

Google controls both &
Is there any distinction between Blogger and Blogspot?

– Blogger is a publishing platform, while is the root domain of your blog. Users develop a blog on the subdomain. E.g.,
– You can manage a blogspot blog using the Blogger control panel.

What is Blogspot?

You can develop a complimentary blog on Blogspot to generate income without investment. Google does not charge a cent from you. The top information is that you can monetize a Blogspot blog with AdSense.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Blogspot.

Blogspot blogs have some advantages & disadvantages, so you should know them before establishing a blog on

Benefits of Blogger.

– Easier to utilize when compared to other blogging programs like WordPress.
– Lots of options for customization.
– Free of charge.
– Faster indexing– Blogspot websites show up in Google search results within 24 hours.
– Opportunity to make money with AdSense and other sources.
– Can easily integrate any of the other Google products.
– Option include your own custom domain.
– Free SSL certificate.

Disadvantages of Blogger.

– Blogspot has lower options for styles and plugins.
– You can quickly lose traffic if you don’t keep updating your blog.

How to Sign Up for Google Account?

You can start blogging with Blogspot, however first, you demand to produce a Google report.
1. Go to in your network page.
2. Click on the Sign-in button to produce an description.
3. You are on the login sheet. If you have an description, login with your email & password, else continue to produce account. You can develop a Google represent yourself or handle your business. Select a choice that is right in case of you.
3. Submit all the needed details and click on the Next button.


4. When the account is produced, you will see a pleasant message.

How to Create A Blog on Blogspot?

Don’t understand how to set up a blog on Blogspot? Don’t stress, hereunder is all you wish to know. Please read our guide thoroughly and do a practice with our screenshots.
1. To develop a blogspot blog, a Blogspot login is wanted. Visit for this.
2. Press on the CREATE YOUR BLOG button & login with your Google account credentials.
3. After Blogspot login in. You are now on the Blogger dashboard. On the top lift side, the make blog alternative is offered to you.

5. As you click the Create blog choice, you get a title box to pick a name for your blog. Go into the name of your new blog and click on the Next button. If you require help selecting a name for your blog, you can take a look at Satori Webmaster Academy’s blog name generator.


6. The next option is offered to pick a URL for your blog. Enter the blog URL in the location box. It will be looked for accessibility, and if it is offered, then the SAVE button will be highlighted. You can also establish a Blogger custom-made domain on a blogspot blog.


7. Congrats, you have happily performed a blogspot blog.


How to Change A Theme on Blogspot?

1. Click the Theme menu product on the left side menu list. You see, the default style is Contempo Light. You may alter the Blogger theme at any time.


2. Just scroll down to choose the style of your choice from the many readily available choices. There are so many Blogspot issues, but we extremely advise using Contempo, Soho, Emporio, Notable, or Essential just. These themes are extremely quick. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insight to lessen the packing speed and other concerns. You get an option to sneak peek the style before using.
You need to take a backup of the existing blog style before applying a brand-new theme.


3. You require to click the Apply button to utilize the picked theme.
You can likewise purchase premium styles for blogspot blog for lovely design and customizations. Here’s our guide on how to fix up a blogger style. You must likewise know the fundamentals of Blogger’s HTML editor. Also check blogger HTTPS status unknown.

Is Your Blog Obvious to Search Engines?

1. Press on the Perspectives menu item on the left sidebar.
2. Scroll your surface to the Privacy share.
3. Double check the toggle button must be green.


We advise finding out about Blogspot/ Blogger SEO. You can personalize the robots.txt header tags and robots.txt if you are a sophisticated user.

How you can Upload A Logo on Blogspot Blog?

1. Press the Layout menu product on the left side.
2. In the Header area, click on the edit pencil.


3. You can either pick a file from your computer system or paste an image URL to upload a logo on your blog. You likewise have 3 options for logo placement; pick the right for you.

– Behind title and description.
– Behind title and description.
– Have a description positioned after the image.
You can likewise tick the Shrink to fit option if the logo is bigger than the header.


4. Click the Save button to make changes.
Similar to a logo, a favicon likewise assists your blog to get determined to name a few blog sites. You can likewise add a favicon on Blogspot blogs.


How to Add A Gadget on Blogspot?

1. Click the Layout menu product on the left table list.
2. Under the sidebar top or back, press on Add a Gadget.
3. In the pop-up window, scroll feather to see offered gadgets. press on the title of Gadget or + icon to include a brand-new gadget to your blog.

4. Update your device with the needed info.
5. Press on the Save button, the gadget will be joined to the sidebar.

How to Write A Blog Post on Blogspot?

Publishing an article includes many tasks. Hereunder we are discussing a some of them.
Make up a new post.
Press the New Post key to create a brand-new post.


The article editor and toolbar.
A article editor will open. Post editor has HTML view & Compose view. Click the pencil icon on the author toolbar to get these alternatives. I advise the compose view for beginners.


It has different sets of choices-.
– Toggle in between HTML view and Compose view.
– Undo and Redo.
– Font type, font size, headings, and paragraph.
– Bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, text color, and text background color.
– Insert or modify links, insert image, insert video, and insert special characters.
– Text positioning, increase indent, and reduce indent.
– Bulleted list, numbered list, estimated text, and insert jump break.
– Left to right layout, right to left design, and input tools.
– Clear formatting.

Include content to a post.

Enter your article title, short article, and add images similar to you do with a data processing tool.


Insert an image to a post.

1. Place the cursor at the area where you want the image in an article.
2. Press on the picture icon in the toolbar.
3. You get four opportunities to include an image to your blog post.
– Upload from computer system.
– Photos.
– Blogger.
– By URL.
If you are submitting images from your computer system, click on the Choose files and choose the required image file.


4. Click the uploaded image to go into the choose button.
The required picture will be attached to your blog post.

Insert a connection to a post.

1. First, copy an internal and external URL to add.
2. choose a text to an internal and external URL to it.
3. Click the link icon given on the composer toolbar.
4. A choice to paste or look for a link will appear. Paste the copied URL in the offered box.


5. You get two alternatives advance options.
– Open this link in a brand-new window.
– Add ‘rel= nofollow’ attribute.
You may use the very first one without hesitation, but do not utilize it if you don’t understand anything about a nofollow tag.
6. Click the Apply button. A link has actually been added to your article.
You can modify this added link, buy click the exact same text highlighted in blue color.

Embed YouTube videos to a blog post.

1. Click the Insert video icon on the offered author toolbar.
2. Drop-down will reveal the YouTube choice. Click it.
3. You get two alternatives to include a video– Uploads and Search. Select the Search tab.
4. A search box to browse Youtube videos. Search a video & hit the magnifying drink button.
5. Choose a video from the populated table.


6. Click the Elite button. This video will be attached to your video.

Add labels to a post.

You can include labels to your article. The label is different term for category or tag for your post. These labels show on the post. When a reader agrees on a label, all stations with that label will be on a page. Blog writer has a label gadget that you can contribute to your blog sidebar. It will assist your readers to check out all posts that are published under the exact same label.

1. You can join Labels from the Post distances given on the starboard sidebar.
2. Click on the Labels choice. A box will appear to include labels.
3. Go into labels associated with the post.


Great, you have actually done it completely.

Edit permalink of a post.

1. You can fine-tune your blog post permalink. This alternative is offered under the Post settings.
2. Click the Permalink option. It reveals 2 choices- automated permalink & system permalink.
3. You can use the custom permalink security to hold your article URL brief and user-friendly.


Sneak peek and publish a post.You can see the preview of your article before releasing it. You can do so by clicking the Preview button in the leading right corner. If the post preview looks complete, then you can press on the Publish button.


How to Publish A Page on Blogspot?

Blogspot offers you alternatives to add pages to your blog. You can publish a page on blogspot. You can develop various kinds of pages like about me, contact us, personal privacy, disclaimer, etc.
1. Click on the Pages menu product on the left side menu list.
2. Then click on the New Page.


3. Go into the page title.
4. Include material for the page.
5. You may disable reader discuss the pages.

6. Preview and publish your page.

Do You Use Blogspot?

You have actually gone through our tutorial on how to develop a blog on Blogspot, and now you can begin blogging. Blogspot is among the simple and free blogging platforms to create a blog totally free. Everybody can create and set up a blog with no competence. If you still have any concerns in your mind, please leave a remark.



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