3 Ways to Efficiently Conduct Business Training through Video

Running a successful business or organization is all about knowing how to maximize your profits, time and productivity. Thanks to the power of the internet and automation, an amazing amount of daily tasks and operations can be done by themselves or at a much faster pace.

However, when it comes to more personal tasks and management, that interaction and engagement face to face is still key. Such methods include hiring, training and skills testing.

While most of these areas aren’t automated or outsourced yet, video is quickly paving the way to improve operations and productivity across the board.

Let’s dive into a few of these working methods right now.

Take Advantage of Interactive Video and User Engagement

As seen in these interactive explainer videos, it’s no longer just a one-sided conversation where the video content is just talking to an end user. Now the conversation and engagement is going both ways, thanks to these unique features in place.

  • Interactive Videos

Explainer video with clickable, interactive elements

  • Learning Nuggets

Tasty, short learning nuggets deliver your message

  • Gamification

Exciting gamification solutions with optimal engagement

By having such features and solutions in place, this allows for organizations and brands to create video content that can be used for everything from compliance and data protection, process and product training, product explanations or customer feedback, occupational safety and health training… and much more.

Video Usage in HR Recruitment and Hiring

Now more than ever, video is playing a pivotal role in how everyone is working around the world. Whether it be from home or client interviews through live video, we are all getting more familiar with video in our daily lives and in the workplace.

However, live video isn’t the only solution here. Another great way to incorporate such methods into your expanding business or organization is through the use of videos in HR recruitment and hiring.

For many organizations, the recruitment and hiring process is one that takes up a lot of time, resources and money. Instead of shifting through a ton of paperwork, resumes and online profiles, it would be ideal to have potential hires send in a short video about themselves, their work history and why they would make for a great fit in the company.

This not only saves time and resources, but makes for a great pre-interview process when the time for hiring comes. By adding a hiring portal or upload method to your site, individuals looking for work can send their resume and video directly to your team and wait for a follow up.

Saving Money and Time with Video Training

Of the many different ways to start using video in the workplace, training has to be one of the most obvious and effective. If you think about how much time is spent on showing new hires the same operation, process and guidelines everytime a new one comes in, it likely adds up to several thousands of billable hours every year.

Instead, allocating such time and resources towards creating a video platform and library for teaching new hires and team members the general guidelines of your business or organization is ideal.

Best of all, through the use of explainer and whiteboard videos, such videos can easily be created through drag and drop video platforms. In addition to cost savings, such videos have also been proven to be more effective in learning, engagement and memory training.

If this is something that would be a great fit for your business, an easy way to get started is to make a quick outline of what you typically go through when a new hire is made. Then, break these down into sections that short 30-90 second videos can be created for.

Growing Your Business and Organization through Interactive Video

When it comes to video content creation and usage, it’s all about knowing what’s best for the end user and how to provide the most value. The same holds true for video in the workplace and hiring.

In all of these scenarios, interactive video is extremely useful and effective. Whenever there is a system in place that requires the end user to take action and has a means for tracking data, this will result in much higher engagement rates and data for the company.

Now that you’ve had a chance to discover some new and exciting ways to use video within the growth, training and hiring for your business, it’s time to start implementing such methods today.

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