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With changing market trends, globalization and change in advertising from traditional advertisement to Social Media Advertisement, Instagram has become a platform not just for celebrities to reach out to their fans but for businesses and online stores to reach out to their customers.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform with more than 1 Billion active Global Users that are increasing with every passing day. Statistically, on daily basis it is said to be used by 1 out of 8 people globally who have internet access.

Standing out on Instagram and competing with your competitors by attracting more likes, followers and views on Instagram is not that easy. There are several ways to attract genuine likes and followers to your Instagram account through advertisement, collaboration with Social Media Influencers, or you can simply buy Instagram Auto Likes, followers and views online through

Tips On How To Attract More Likes And Followers On Instagram

Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencer is the term we come across nowadays. What or who is a Social Media Influencer? A Social Media Influencer is a person who through his content over the time has created a trust among the people and has built an audience that can be convinced by their suggestions.

Instagram being a Social Media Platform has many Social Media Influencers who has millions of fan following. Many businesses collaborate with these Social Media Influencers to feature or review their products on their pages or give a shoutout to the business. This way the business profile will get some new views and if their website/ Instagram page is attractive, it will attract new customers.

Social Media Influencers charge fee for their services that may vary depending upon their number of followers.

Through Business Profiles

Nowadays, businesses and especially online shops have their own Instagram pages through which they share their latest products as well as sale offers with their customers. Customers through these pages get to know about the latest trends, new products, and offers. They can order the products by simply clicking on that product.

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Number of likes, follower, and views online is one of the most important factor that impresses and attract new followers Moreover, the more the likes, followers, and views online builds trust in the viewer that the products and services offered by the business will be genuine.

In order to increase the number of likes, followers and views online not just businesses but also celebrities buys likes, followers and views online to stand out in the market. This enables them to reach out to many potential customers.

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Using Quality Hashtags

One of the primary functions of hashtags is to make your content reach to a more essential group. In case your hashtags fits properly with the content and is enthusiastic, more people will find and follow you. The typical practice among most Instagrammers is to just write whatever comes to their mind on a picture following a “hash (#) without realizing what those hashtags suggest on Instagram and where they reach.

Before you add any hashtag to your post, it is suggested to do some homework or utilize tools like “tagboard.” That way, you’ll know whether the word you’re writing with the hash has relevance with your post. This will ensure that your post will reach your target crowd.

Bribing the Audience – Giveaways!

Bribing the audience in shape of giveaways gifts or prizes is one of the most effective way to attract new followers. What you can do is, simply create a contest and ask the audience to like, share, comment, and tag friends into the post and then you can select one of them as a winner for the giveaway prize. This will attract new followers and will increase your potential customers.

Sharing your account/ profile with friends and in other pages or Groups

Sharing your profile with your friends and inviting them to like your Instagram profile will increase your followers and likes. Not just this, but when your friends likes and follows your profile, your profile will be suggested to friends of friends.

Another way to increase your likes and followers is through sharing your Instagram profile on other Social Media platforms like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp with an eye catching caption.

 Knowing the Peak time to Post

You should be well aware of the peak time when your target audience is most likely to use Instagram. Posting multiple posts at the peak time will ensure interaction with more audience.

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Instagram is social media platform that have more than 1 billion active users through the world which makes Instagram as one of the most favorite tool for businesses to reach out to their customers. Whether you are a social worker and want to promote a cause or a Product Manager who want to market a new product or a business, or whether you want to earn from Instagram as an influencer you will need more and more followers.

In order to increase your likes and followers, you can follow the above tips or buy organic likes, follower, and views online through variety of packages offered by according to your need and increase your likes, followers, and views instantly.

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