Can a Foot Shape Tell About a Person’s Character?

A lot of factors affect a person’s personality. There are influences that develop and shape a person. Some parts of a person’s character are from heredity, the environment they are in, and the situations they encounter. Heredity is something that they are born with. It is in the genes and sometimes there’s really nothing you can do to change this trait for example, temperament is something that can be hereditary. On the other hand, environment as an influence is the nurturing aspect of a person’s life. This is determined by what surrounds us as we grow up. Environment that can affect a person’s character include, their home, the school they went to, and a bunch of other places that a person spends a lot of time. Lastly, for situations, these are the experiences a person has or what he or she went through. You know the saying you live and you learn? This is it. Things that impact our lives shape us. Whether it is good or bad, it is part of how a person develops his or her personality.

The things mentioned above are all studied and based on science but there are also different things that people say that can predict a person’s personality. Some examples are chinese zodiac and western astrology. It might be hard for some to believe but there are people who really use these to read a person.

Some of you may have heard before that the type of feet or the shape of feet can help determine your ancestry but have you ever heard that it is also connected to personality traits? They say that you can tell a person’s character just by the shape of the feet. In this article we will discuss the different shape of feet and what it means. Speaking of feet. The next time you buy footwear, use carolina boot coupons to get major savings.

1. The stretched foot

This type is elongated with a tight shape. The toes are close together with the big toe sticking up top. This means the person is private and doesn’t share as much. It could also mean that the person is moody or impulsive.

2. The square foot

This is where all the toes are perfectly aligned. No toe is higher than others. This means the person is indecisive. They like to think excessively about something before doing something. It could be a good thing as a person can heavily evaluate the pros and the cons of situations. So meaning, they can also be practical and reliable!

3. The flame foot

For this type the toe that is sticking up above the other is the second toe, the one beside the big toe. This means that the person is active, sporty and creative. They are also eager to learn new things. They can also be impulsive which can give them excessive stress.

4. The common foot.

This is the most balanced and well proportioned foot shape. This means a person is outgoing and sociable. They are always ready to learn new things and are open to new experiences. They say that the owners of this foot are travellers by nature.

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