Can live with them, Can’t Live Without Them: How Our Siblings Shape Our Lives


“Like branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” Such is exactly the kind of relationship that exists between a pair of sibling relationships. Life would have been totally a bummer without them, but when they get on your nerves, it seems much better not to have a replica of yours (kidding).

From, beginning to the very end, siblings are known to be each other’s best friends. And some days like rakhi or siblings day as the occasion calls for pamperings over some lovely rakhi gifts and siblings day gifts, which tends to strengthen the bond, even more. While siblings days focus on any kind of sibling relationship, rakhi specifically focuses on the brother-sister relationship, traditionally. As per the pious Rakhi tradition, a sister ties a holy thread, i.e. Rakhi on brother’s wrists and pampers him over some attractive rakhi gifts for brother. Not to forget, that a brother in return of his sister’s gesture, blesses her with a promise to protect her lifelong over delicious sweets and some gifts. But with changing times, rakhi is also now celebrated amongst sisters, as well to prove the society that girls can also fight their struggles and demons alone.

It is said that almost 80% of those children who grow up with their at least one brother or sister tends to show positive signs of upbringing. That means they show signs of incorporating good qualities like sharing, friendship, love, care, empathy, etc. as compared to the single child. And that is why it is said to lifetime connections with built-in best friend for life. Research also shows having a good sibling relationship tends to keep one at bay from depression later in life and bless with higher life satisfaction. Quite just like Tom and Jerry, siblings are that bit of childhood which can never get lost. They are a sheer blessing in disguise.

Not everyone is blessed, although to have an annoying yet loving sibling. So, every family which has a pair of brother-brother, sister-sister, or brother-sister pair must encourage them to value what they have been blessed with. From keeping up secrets from parents to helping each other sneak out on a date night, siblings are like our sunshine on a rainy day. When friends betray and break our trust, our siblings are the ones who have got our back. In tough times, they lend us a crying shoulder to provide us with emotional support. Sometimes when you run out of pocket money, you look towards them asking for it. As siblings are someone who affects our lives directly in a significant manner, the bond we share with them is indeed an unbreakable one. Though one can hit a rough patch or witness some messier days due to being out of touch. But, there’s still hope to rekindle the bond for the sake of those notorious days.

They might be living miles apart from you, but thanks to the advancement of technology that they can still remain close to our hearts now. Keep them closer, not just when you need them. Rather, to share your daily life updates or to know theirs. This will make them feel included in your life which will validate their existence in your life.

Often while asking from some insights, you might end up disagreeing and eventually end up hitting the rough patch in your relationship with him/her. Hence, listen to them, first, even if you don’t feel like listening to them, still. You can politely highlight that part where you felt, they were right and can politely point out further what you felt was wrong. Whatever you do, make sure to watch out your words – it should not end up hurting your sibling.

Surprise Meet – Let them expect the unexpected, as you pay them a surprise visit! One of the greatest surprises of all times has to be surprising to the other person in person. It really shows that you went so far in your love for the other person that the other person was left in happy tears.

Conclusion: Siblings are a happy place or a happy pill that everyone deserves!

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