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Being an application developer yourself, it is justifiable to have insight knowledge of what screenshot web testing is all about. After all, if you’re developing a website or an application, no matter how you incorporate the coding skills, if you’re not familiar with the perfection that a screenshot texting tool can offer, scenarios might turn out all the more challenging. Things get difficult when you don’t come across any visual glitches or bugs. This is where knowing the perks of hiring Comparium experts come into the forefront.

Meet the team of Comparium – The Professional Screenshot Testing Platform

Comparium is a platform which has already launched its first ever version. Choosing it would benefit you with a number of screenshot testing services. Comparium for free version is also available with some basic specs for testing the website. You will get more features in the future versions, at least that’s what the platform claims!

Should You Go for Comparium?

You would get a varying range of website testers that are available in the market. And there should be a set of good reasons to choose ‘so and so’ platform. Here in this blog, you are going to find some good reasons to go for Comparium.

  • Supports multiple platforms and web browsers

You would find a valid point to pick up Comparium out of so many testers in the market. The first one is its support for multiple web browsers and platforms. Choosing it would give you the license to text your website and how it works on a number of platforms. You can even check it on different web browsers too! See how it works on operating systems and browsers as mentioned below.


  • Google Chrome 73.0, 75.0, 74.0,
  • Mozilla Firefox 68.0 and 67.0
  • Safari 11.0
  • Internet Explorer 11.0 and 8.0
  • The Operating Systems supported are:

Operating Systems:

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 7 and 10
  • High Sierra


  • Results via Email

Comparium lets you receive the results through your email IDs. The experts submit your results through the email address you provided them with. Comparium also asks you for submitting URL of your website which you need to check. Upon checking the results, Comparium sends the screenshot of results through email.

Testing the result of your website is easy because the only things you require offering the experts are the email ID alongside the URL of your website that needs to be tested.

  • No more time-consuming affairs

Picking up the amazing Comparium’s services will let you save time! This is fundamentally due to the fact that Comparium does whatever is needed to test your website! You don’t have to test your website on various browsers or OS! The work is done by the team. What’s more is that the test results would be given to you within a couple of minutes. You will also receive screenshots of the tests through emails Computer Repairs.

While the tool is currently in the developing state, you can get latest technologies that other reputed services offer you only when you pay for it! But that’s not what Comparium does, because it’s a free version! And testing your website to work on bugs would always be a plus point when you choose the team of Comparium The Emotional Computer Repairs Brisbane.

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