Cool Mens Haircuts to Choose This Year

Modern Mens Haircuts to Transform Your Looks Completely

If you have been looking for a haircut to transform your looks or simply you need a haircut to enhance your hairstyle, this guide will help you solve your woes. From short mens haircuts to long hairstyles, this hairstyle contains a different variety of hairstyles that you can consider during your next step to the barbershop.

If you need a business or office styles, you will find stylish and classy hairstyles that make you feel comfortable in your workplace and as you walk around the town. And for men who like the casual look, the options are unlimited. Here are at LoveHairStyles, we have collected neat as well as messy mens haircuts that will inspire you. Continue reading below and choose your most appropriate haircut.

1. Modern Classics

Classic mens haircuts are always on-trend. However, in this new year, you should choose classic mens hairstyles with a modern twist. Rather than rocking the usual hairstyles that replicates a common pompadour, style some loose strands and add hair matte.

You may also include an undercut that you can either choose to wear as a high fade, mid fade or a low fade. Those are just some few ways you can include a modern twist to your classic haircut. Besides, you can also enhance your hair texture and shine to create a look that is truly yours.

2. Natural Texture

This hairstyle was a great way of styling wavy hair in 2019, and this trend hasn’t faded away this year. The enhanced look of this haircut features more natural texture and hair is messy. If styling this hair, you can run your fingers through your wavy hair to create a tousled look. And for men with straight locks, you would want to use texturizing gel to enhance texture in order to achieve this look. It is one of the most-requested mens haircuts for men this year.

3. Crop Top

Popularly known as a textured crop or a French crop, is quite a popular haircut for men this year. When it comes to the crop top, you have a lot of ways you can style it. You can include a front fringe, hair texture and if you wish to pair it with a fade, either a low fade or a high fade. Besides, you can dye your hair and cut clean, shaved lines to create symmetry to your hair.

4. Cool Haircuts For Black Guys

Most black mens haircuts are also modern, and this year they have more volume and texture than before. When it comes to styling short hair for black men, waves are must ingredient whether you are styling them 360 degrees or you are pairing them with fade sides.

5. Bro Flow

If you want to rock a long mens haircut but you are looking for a something appropriate for an office, then the bro flow makes the best look for you. The hairstyle which incorporates rugged by chic look is the best option for men regardless of their ages.

6. Modern Pompadour

A pompadour is a classic hairstyle for men, and this time, it is has been improved to look more lively and sophisticated. To get this look, you would want to leave top hair long and style the rest of the hair up and back using a pomade. Ideal for both casual and formal events, the modern pompadour is one of the best mens haircuts you should consider this year.

7. Modern Slicked Back Haircut For Men

Who said that for hairstyles to be on-trend, they must be new hairstyles that have never been seen in the streets? Well, this slicked back haircut proves you wrong if those are your thoughts. This is a modern hairstyle ideal for men of all ages.

It is an ideal look for guys with thick manes, and that is why it is rocked by Asian men since they have thick hair. To style this haircut, just ensure that your manes are clean and thick. Don’t apply so much hair products as this might way your hair down and lose its sleekness.

8. Quiff

While this mens haircut looks like a pompadour, it is different in the way the hair in front is styled. The hair in front is curved back on the other manes.

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