Custom Training Content: Here’s Why Your Business Should Invest In It


The most successful employee training programs all have one thing in common, they all use custom training content.

Smaller organisations, or those that are just beginning their journey of employee training, often go for the pocket friendly option, off the shelf training content.

After all, it is readily available, which means no time wasted in development, and is significantly cheaper than developing custom content.

However, businesses often miss out on critical training benefits when they opt for off the shelf content for the short term benefits mentioned above.

As a result, they are only able to provide their employees with a subpar training experience, and are only able to drive a subpar ROI from their investment into employee training.

The notion that custom training content is a bank-breaking undertaking is quite a common misconception.

With the rise of various custom elearning solutions, getting access to world-class training design talent and in turn, excellent training content tailored to your needs is more affordable and hassle-free than ever before.

If this doesn’t convince you to invest in custom training content for your business, the following benefits surely would:

Address Skill Gaps Unique To Your Organisation

There is no denying that you understand the needs of your organisation better. Moreover, your in house subject matter experts understand your products and services the best. So why shouldn’t your training be the ideal solution to explain these concepts and address these needs?

With custom training content, you can tailor the training experience of each employee to contribute simultaneously to the growth of your organisation, and to their individual career growth.

Off the shelf training content (usually) does not talk about the unique edge your business has over the competition. It also does not address the unique challenges your employees face with their day to day responsibilities.

With a training experience tailored to your organisation, you can ensure your employees are better prepared to use the unique advantages your  business has to overcome the unique problems of your business.

Reduce Training Completion Time

Since off the shelf training is not created specifically to address the needs of your organisation, it usually carries a lot of unnecessary and irrelevant fluff. As a result, your training completion time increases without driving any additional benefits.

Moreover, it also affects the individual employee’s interest in your training program as it becomes difficult for them to see the relevance and benefits of the training they are receiving.

With custom training content, you can get to the point from the get go. Right from the first day of training you can start targeting the exact needs of your organisation. Reducing this fluff can help you reduce the training completion time by a significant margin.

Improve Learner Engagement

As briefly mentioned before, one of the major points of disconnect in off the shelf content is that it is difficult for employees to see its relevance.

With custom training content, you can talk about real-life scenarios, challenges, and examples from your own experience. This way, it will be easier for trainees to understand why taking the training is important and how it will make them more efficient at their jobs.

As a result, they will be more invested in the training program. This will not only benefit their own individual growth, but will empower your business with more skilled resources.


Producing custom training content is easier than ever before. With tools and outsourcing companies available in abundance, there is no reason your business should be deprived of the benefits of custom training content mentioned above.

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