Dangers of Gambling Online

While online gambling offers numerous advantages to players, it can become addictive if care is not taken. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that some players visit online poker rooms and betting sites mainly for entertainment purposes, while others have become emotionally attached.  Worst still, many players are not aware of their gambling addiction; they believe all is well with them.  The fact is, problem gambling comes with unpalatable consequences, including financial crises, damaged relationships, job loss, to mention a few.

Unlike land-based gambling, players are more likely to become addicted when it comes to online gambling.   Online gambling is addictive due to several reasons.  First, you have unrestricted access to it, which means that you can gamble in the comfort of your room.  Another reason why online gamblers are prone to addiction is that their gambling activities are not public. As such, you might not have anyone to caution you when things are going out of hand.

Other reasons why online gambling can become addictive include the followings:

  • Online gambling is not restrictive when it comes to age. In order words, there is no age barrier. This makes teenagers and children more vulnerable.  Furthermore, several exciting video games could attract vulnerable ones. They tend to spend more time playing this game, which means more money.
  • Another reason online gambling can be addictive is that it stimulates the players’ brains. The pleasure that comes with online gambling stimulates the brain to create a high.   Just like a person that takes stimulating substances gets high, addicted gambler becomes high when they win.
  • The advancement in technology has made life easy for everyone.  With just a push of a button, you can conveniently launch a gambling site on your desktop or phone browser.  Apart from that, players can gamble online at any time of the day.
  • Online gambling activities are quite hard to regulate and protect because it is difficult for police to monitor the activities and enforce the betting sites not on gamstop legal obligations.
  • The speed of play is another vital issue that has to do with online gambling.  The fact that players can play several games for a short period means they can part with substantial money within a short space of time.

Signs of Problem Gambling that you should know

You can quickly identify a person battling with gambling addiction as that usually manifest some vital signs.  You can also carry out a self-examination by checking if you are already exhibiting any of these symptoms.  Some of the symptoms of addictions are explained below:

  • Loss of control

A problem gambler will always feel the urge to gamble at the slightest provocation.  In most cases, they don’t have control over this urge.  If you always feel like betting even when it is evident that all odds are against you, you are a problem gambler.

  • Negative effect on your relationship

Problem gambling places a heavy burden relationship; therefore, if you are losing friends and partners due to your online gambling activities, it is time you sought help.

  • When you are preoccupied with gambling

Another sign of addiction that you must be on the lookout for is a preoccupation with gambling.  A problem gambler will not think of anything else except gambling. If you have lost interest in other areas of life because of your excessive gambling urge, then you need help.

  • Spending a considerable amount on gambling

Another sign of problem gambling that you should not overlook is staking high to recover lost bets.  Apart from that, betting with a vast amount to experience its fun is a sign of gambling addiction that should not be taken with levity.

  • Hiding Your Gambling Activities

Secrecy is another notable sign of problem gambling.  Such individual tends to conceal the amount of time and money spent from their friends and family member.


You can deal with a gambling addiction if you don’t accept the fact that you are in it. Therefore, the first step towards stopping problem gambling is acknowledging the fact that you are an addicted gambler. A quick way to know if you are compulsive gambler is when you tick one or two boxes of addiction symptoms mentioned above.

Once you have accepted that you need help, you can speak with people who had been in your shoes and have what it takes to help you out.  Better still, you can self-exclude yourself and seek support from reputable organizations like GamCare and BeGambleAware.

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