Data Science Skills In-Demand that will get you Hired

The  field of data science has become so attractive for many people. Most students joining colleges want to pursue data science then start a career in this field after they’re done. This can be a great idea if you are just joining college and would like to find a good career path.

However, there’s a lot you need to know before you get started as a data scientist. This is more so on the skills you need to have to impress potential employers. This article will take an in-depth look at the skills you must have to succeed as a data scientist in today’s world.

Let’s get into it.

1. SQL

This is one of the best skills you can have as a data scientist. SQL stans for Structured Query Language.  It is a versatile tool that data scientists use to extract data from huge data sets. It might sound like a difficult skill to acquire if you’re hearing about it for the first time, but the reality is with the right coaching and practice, SQL isn’t that daunting.

There are various tasks that you should be able to do with data science skills. For instance, you should be able to retrieve data and work with it. You should also be able to create reports and analyze data. Various SQL data science courses can help you learn this.

2. Statistics

You cannot handle most big data jobs if you lack statistical skills. The aim of statistics is to ensure that data is presented correctly. It also involves ensuring that data gets presented in an easy way. Data shouldn’t only require an experienced person to draw insights from it.

There are different things you can learn to become an expert in statistics. You can learn variability, probability, modeling, etc. Employers will filter results using these skills when looking for talent on Only Data Jobs, so you’ll get hired if you have them.

3. Statistical Programming

There’s a lot that you need to learn to become a specialist in statistics. Statistical programming is one of the things you must learn. If you check a data job platform for the requirements to get hired, you’ll realize that knowledge of programming languages like Python or R is vital.

The reality is that learning data science and acquiring data jobs isn’t easy. Some people spend thousands of dollars on it but end up with no real success. The best secret to success is staying committed to it. You also need a good strategy to ensure you get good results.

4. Machine Learning

This is another critical skill to learn if you want to be an expert data scientist. Most big data jobs require one to have skills that will help them conduct research. With most companies nowadays being data-driven, it will help to ensure that you are familiar with ML methods.

There are various methods that will be helpful if you can learn them. Some of the best examples are ensemble and k-nearest neighbors, but there are many more you can consider. It will be easier to grow your skills as a data scientist if you have ML skills.

5. Data Visualization

Most businesses today make data-driven decisions, and they require people with data visualization skills. This is because you need to know things like how different data sets relate to one another.  Data visualization makes it easy to make a lot of key business decisions.

It will be easy to find employment if you are good at data visualization. But you will also need to combine data visualization with proper communication skills. You need to be able to effectively communicate with the people you’re reporting to after you’re done analyzing data.

6. Data Wrangling

Sometimes data can be difficult to work with, and it’ll mostly appear messy. You need to be able to identify and work on the imperfections that might be present in data sets. This is why it is vital to learn data wrangling, which is most effective for reading raw data into usable formats.

There are so many things you’ll be able to note in data if you have data wrangling skills. For instance, you will find missing values and inconsistent formatting. This will make it easier to correct these issues and ensure the data is helpful for making more informed decisions.

7. Data Intuition

Businesses face a wide range of challenges that can be solved using data. They need people who can help them solve these problems using data. You can become a data-driven problem solver, solving even high-level problems if you have data intuition skills.

You must be a critical thinker to succeed with data intuition. You must be able to tell what’s good for the company you work for and what’s not. You should also interact with other teams effectively. This includes product managers and engineers, who are critical people in a firm.

8. Data Storytelling

You might be wondering why data storytelling could be important for a data scientist. The reality is that imagination is part of what you need to succeed as a data scientist. You need to make even the most technical sets of data comprehensible to an average person.

That’s where data storytelling comes in, because it’s the skill that will help you simplify the data you report. Remember that a mistake when reporting data will trickle down to other areas of the organization. Poor reporting will mean that poor decisions might be made.

Conclusion: Data Science Skills are Worth Learning

Those are some of the best skills to have as a data scientist. Developing these skill sets ensures you succeed in this field. Employers are most likely to hire you when they find you equipped with skill sets that are most preferred in a data scientist.  On the other hand, when you upskill yourself and acquire these skills, employers would retain you for your talent and your inquisitiveness to learn.

This article has provided an in-depth look into the skills that will get you hired. You now know the kind of training to acquire and the level that you’ll need to reach to attract the best clients. It will be easier to get started with your career now that you have these tips.

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