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Digital Marketing made easy: SEO and Content Creation (Skimbox)

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most common tools for digital marketers. All digital marketers learn the basic in and outs of SEO and SEM (Search Engine Management). So what is SEO?

Well, all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and etc have something called SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). On the SERPs, you get a listing of websites and videos that are ranked according to what the search engine algorithm perceives to be the most relevant content to what the users have searched.

These result pages have no relation to payments and are listed only according to the search engine algorithms. So, SEO is the process of getting traffic to a particular website from free and organic search results on the search engine. SEO involves various practices that help improve your website rating and ranking on search engine result pages and as a result, gain more local traffic to the particular website.


Digital marketing company in India

While SEO is one of the most sought after aspects of digital marketing agencies, what most forget is the importance of content. There is a reason why it is proclaimed that ‘Content is King’. Most digital marketers have forgotten that while SEO makes a website appealing to search engines, in the end, what a website really needs to appeal is the human behind the computers.

So what if your website is ranked first on search engine result page, if your website is not appealing to the users who find your website ranked first, there is really no point in all the hassle and trouble of making your website SEO friendly. Ultimately, you are looking to increase your sales from the organic traffic gained from great SEO practice and the only real hook you have in your content on your website.

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While most digital marketers know the proper technique and methodology to optimize websites for search engine, most forget that search engines don’t buy products from websites.

Humans do, that is the reason why every business needs to invest in great writers that can hook, line, and sink visitors into consumers. Skimbox is one such leading digital marketing company in India that realizes both the importance of SEO as well as the importance of great content.

So you can rest assured of content that is not just entertaining, well-written, and factual but also SEO friendly. Why not have the best of both efficient SEO practice and great Web content.

Digital marketing company in India

Writing great content for websites is however easier said than done. One of the most important factors for a web content writer is proper mentorship and a huge amount of practice ot make your content appealing to the masses.

First and foremost, your content has to be grammatically correct. Nothing spells amateur more than a spelling mistake on your website homepage. Your website is the symbol of your business and every mistake on your website is another mark on you and your business reputation. You will need to spend an ample amount of time researching upon what to write. If you are in the tech business, it is a great idea to research the technology that you are writing upon. A half-assed job will only hurt your website and as a result you and your brand.

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Another fact to remember is to stay away from the essay style of content writing. You are not in high school anymore. On average, A common person who clicks on your website stays for less than four minutes on any website.

This means that most online users skim through the contents on the webpage and as such, you will need to adopt a new way of writing. This new way of writing is called an inverted pyramid writing. You will find typical examples of this in newspapers that you read.

Digital marketing company in India

Unlike traditional writing, where general information comes before the actual details of the essay, for online web content, you will need to provide the gist of what you want to convey at the very start of the content. This way, online users can immediately grasp what you want to talk about from the very first sentence, and this in turns keep your audience in hold as you go into more details later on in your online content. Not only does this style of writing reduces the bounce rates of your organic traffic, it is highly effectual in keeping your audience in place at your website.

Ultimately, your website is geared towards reeling in potential consumers from search engine results, so SEO is important, however, do not forget the crux of your marketing aims. People have been the most important part of business for a reason.



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