Display Ad Traffic Requirements In 2024

Display Ad Traffic Requirements

Display Ad Traffic Requirements will be discussed in this article. Adsense traffic requirement, traffic requirement, she media traffic requirement, monumetric traffic requirement, display ad network traffic requirements, ad traffic requirements, mediavine sessions per month required, adthrive pageviews per month, raptive pageviews per month, and so on.

Display Ad Traffic Requirements In 2024

In this article, you can know about Display Ad Traffic Requirements here are the details below;

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One common method used by bloggers and website owners to monetise their material is display advertising. But not every network that hosts display ads is made equal. Before a website is allowed to be included in a network, it must first meet the traffic requirements specific to that network.

It is essential for bloggers & the website owners to comprehend the traffic requirements of each display ad network in order to maximize their blog RPM. They may be able to access more lucrative advertisements and possibly increase their blog’s revenue share by fulfilling these standards.

Display Ad Networks & Their Traffic Requirements

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1. Mediavine Traffic Requirements

Mediavine Traffic Requirements

Display advertisements, video commercials, and sponsored content are just a few of the ad options that Mediavine, a full-service ad management network, provides. Publishers have to achieve traffic and content quality requirements in order to be accepted into Mediavine’s ad network.


  • In order for publishers to be included in Mediavine’s ad network, they must receive at least 50,000 sessions per month. Also check adsense alternatives
  • After a publisher’s site achieves 25,000 monthly sessions in Mediavine Pro or Mediavine Premiere, they are usually permitted to add another site.

2. Raptive (AdThrive) Traffic Requirements


A display ad network called Raptive (previously AdThrive) gives publishers the chance to make money off of the traffic to their websites. Publishers must, however, fulfill stringent traffic restrictions set by Raptive in order to be accepted into the network.


  • Raptive’s ad network requires publishers to have 100,000 pageviews or more monthly in order to be qualified.
  • Once your current Raptive site achieves 30,000 pageviews per month, as a publisher, you can add another one.

3. Monumetric Traffic Requirements

Monumetric Traffic Requirements

Publishers can take advantage of a revenue split program provided by managed ad platform Monumetric. Publishers trying to optimize their profits may find the company’s greater revenue share offers more alluring than those of rival ad networks.


  • To be eligible for Monumetric’s ad network, publishers must receive at least 10,000 visits each month.

4. She Media Traffic Requirements

SHE Media Traffic Requirements

Popular ad network SHE Media specializes in women’s lifestyle content. It gives the network a 40% revenue split and the publisher a 60% revenue share. Compared to some of its rivals, like AdThrive and Mediavine, who give publishers a 70% income split, this revenue share is marginally lower.


  • To be qualified for SHE Media’s ad network, publishers must receive 20,000 visits or more per month.

5. Traffic Requirements Traffic Requirements

A contextual ad network called offers publishers display adverts. By putting these advertisements on their websites, publishers can make money. Publishers must, however, adhere to content limitations and achieve specific traffic requirements in order to join


  • To be qualified for’s ad network, publications must receive 10,000 visits or more each month.

6. Ezoic Traffic Requirements

 Ezoic Traffic Requirements

Publishers can get an equitable and transparent income share from Ezoic, an AI-powered ad mediation platform. The platform is proud of its own ad testing algorithm, which maximizes ad size, placement, and kind to boost publisher revenue. Ezoic gives publishers a larger income share than the majority of other ad networks—90%. Also check Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads 


  • Publishers on Ezoic are not required to have a minimum amount of traffic.

7. AdSense Traffic Requirements

 AdSense Traffic Requirements

One of the most well-known ad networks is AdSense, which pays publishers a revenue split for placing adverts on their websites. For the majority of its publishers, AdSense offers a 68% revenue split.


  • Publishers using AdSense are not required to have a minimum amount of traffic.


Selecting the finest display ad network requires taking into account a number of things. Several well-liked choices, each having advantages and disadvantages of their own, include Mediavine, Raptive, Ezoic, Monumetric, SHE Media,, and AdSense.

In the end, I would advise choosing one of these two networks if you can get your blog accepted for Mediavine or Raptive (i.e., if your visitor volume is sufficient).

My websites function flawlessly on both of them! But getting to these levels can take some time, which is why I listed several additional choices for smaller bloggers.

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