Do I Really Need Windows Replacement

When to Do Windows Replacement

Windows replacement has a myriad of benefits to your home. The first and obvious benefit that homeowners realize when they replace their windows is instant enhancement of their home’s curb appeal. New replacement windows give your home a new face lift. The second benefit has to do with the improvement of energy efficiency. Lastly, the new windows add comfort to your home and also makes it more secure.

But those are benefits that most homeowners are aware of. The issue comes in determining when they should get those old units out and replace them with the new ones form Total Home Windows and Doors. So, the key question remains, “do I need to do windows replacement?” Well, if you are one of the homeowners asking this question, we have an answer to you, including how the new windows will benefit your home.  Continue reading for more insights and take the necessary action.

  1. Main Styles to Choose from
  1. Double-hung windows: they are swung open by moving them up or down, they are ideal when you want to control the amount of air entering a room.
  2. Sliding windows: they are ideal to use in rooms with limited spaces. They are opened or closed by sliding them to the sides.
  3. Awning windows: they are ideal in homes with kids and for ventilating a house during light rains. These windows replacement open to a certain angle, which they cannot go past.
  4. Louvre windows: they are ideal for compact areas that need massive ventilation. The down side of these windows is they are not energy-efficient.
  5. Bi-fold windows: they are ideal for kitchen and entertainment areas. These replacement windows fold neatly, ensuring they do not consume space from other areas.
  1. Materials Used in Making Window Frames


  1. Aluminum: it is a durable material that is resistant to harsh weather conditions. Aluminum window frames come in different finishes. It requires low maintenance and is affordable.
  2. Vinyl or Upvc: these materials are affordable and easy to maintain. They have excellent insulating properties, which help in the control of your home temperature. Their downside is that they are not environmentally friendly. It is an excellent option for windows replacement.
  3. Timber: it gives your home a class and makes it look stylish. It is a high maintenance material and not as durable as other materials used in making window frames.
  4. Composite: it is the newest product in the market for making window frames. It is durable and gives your window a timber-like finish.
  1. Importance of Choosing the Right Glazing

Window glasses can either be double glazed or triple glazed. Glazing your window glasses is essential because:

  • They limit losing energy during winter and gaining heat in the house during summer.
  • They reduce energy consumption costs.

However, before settling for a particular glaze, consider the following:

  • The climate in your area.
  • The size, location, and orientation of your replacement windows.
  • Thermal properties of your preferred glaze.
  1. Which Parts Benefits Most From Orientation of Solar Controlling Windows?

Your location determines whether or not you will enjoy thermal control from your windows. North orientations are desirable for people living in cold climates. It ensures they get maximum exposure to the sun during winter and minimizes their exposure to the sun during summer.

  1. Things to Consider When Choosing Window Size


  1. The position of the sun: in Australia, the sun is always facing the north most of the year. Consider using larger windows to the north.
  2. The south side: consider using smaller windows to the south, to reduce exposure to the hot summer seasons and daytime sun.
  3. Ventilation: ensure your house is adequately ventilated by having enough openings in your home. The ideal openings against your floor area 10% for enough ventilation.
  1. Windows that Help Boost Natural Light


  1. Clerestory: they an excellent choice that add class and style to your home.
  2. Awning windows: their positioning can be adjusted until they achieve a position that makes them allow plenty of light. They usually open from the bottom and as such, you can even open them even when it is raining to allow light in and also feel the breeze.
  3. Window grills: a perfect choice for drawing light in the room. Apart from that, they also offer more security for your replacement windows.

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