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When we pick a hobby online, we don’t often wonder what the repercussions are. Yet, for those who are a little more conservative about their Internet bandwidth, the question of how much broadband they are spending often arises. Now, with a regular form of gaming, you will usually spend around 40MB to 300MB per hour which, evidently, doesn’t pose too much of a threat, even to the most conservative user.

Better yet, online gambling tends to only claim a fraction of that, usually on the low end of the spectrum, allowing you to enjoy your hobby on whatever connection you have. Thanks to this low bandwidth usage, you can allow yourself to play on virtually any connection so long as it’s not dreadfully slow.

It’s important to also understand the technology behind online gambling sites as it’s not what you would expect. There’s too much detail to go into now but you can read a great explanation here

Why Does Gambling Online Take So Little Bandwidth?


As it turns out, online gambling is an activity designed as a browser hobby. In fact, it’s almost no different than browsing any online website or going through a regular day of work, assuming you use the Internet for that.

The second reason is accessibility. The companies that create casino games and new casino websites know that, eventually, their products are probably going to have more of a global outreach. What this means is that companies won’t inflate the size nor requirements on their games.

Even the most sophisticated and polished 3D slot games aren’t broadband hungry at all. They run smoothly even if you are traveling and you won’t have to worry about the game interrupting out of a sudden. This in turn allows market leaders to offer the same quality product regardless of the country their product is introduced to, creating a good name for themselves globally.

Live Games and HD Streams

Now, understandably, live dealer games might make more of a dent on your bandwidth allowance, and that is easy to comprehend. Most live games will require some pretty decent graphics to be as realistic and appealing as they can be. Developers such as Evolution Gaming and NetEnt always make sure that their streams run in super-high definition, which, by extension, can affect your bandwidth.

The good news is that it still doesn’t hurt your allowance too much. In fact, it’s unlikely for a live dealer game to require more than 200MB per hour to run. Since you are not the person streaming the live studio, but the one consuming it, your connection and consumption rate should stay significantly lower than the streamer’s.

What about Virtual Reality Casinos?

If you want to take your experience to the next level, and dive into a virtual reality setting, you will probably want to make sure you have more bandwidth indeed. An advanced VR set would require around 400MB per hour to run smoothly, but this could very easily go up. Virtual reality casinos are still not as trendy as that, so you definitely don’t have to worry too much about it. By the time they become a mass thing, you will most likely already have an Internet connection that would be able to handle quite a few things all at once.

How Easy Is It to Find a Decent Internet Supplier?

Finding a decent Internet supplier would rely on a combination of things. For starters, it really depends where you live. In Eastern Europe, for example, you can have a 100 Mbps Internet connection for $18,  with unlimited capacity. There is no cap on how much bandwidth you can use, although, naturally, if you have a lot of devices connected on and downloading or streaming, you will experience slight bumps in your connection.

Conversely, if you go to the United States or Canada, you might be faced with exorbitant prices. A 100 Mbps connection could cost you up to $80, which is quite the difference. Therefore, finding a decent supplier is a combination of several things. We recommend using a broadband usage calculator to find the recommended speed for your household.

First, you need to take the speed and your needs into consideration. If you don’t have many Internet household users, then you may as well go for a cheaper package. Either way, your casino gaming is safe, as it consumes only a fraction of what some of the most bandwidth-heavy activities on the Internet do.

Does It Make a Difference Which Casino You Pick?

Generally, no. Some casinos, though, may have servers located farther away from you. This, at least in theory, should mean that your connection to those casinos is much slower. Yet, thanks to all the innovation and work that has gone into casino games and products, you really don’t have to own the expensive sort of connection to make any of that work.

Instead, you can really just give it your best shot and enjoy an experience that is worthwhile and highly accessible. Whether you play from a desktop device or from a mobile, you will get the same quality experience as ever.

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