Dog Training Tech – How to Train a Dog with Invisible Fence?

How to Train a Dog

Pet means Dog or Cat generally, although they should be the tip of the iceberg as many less-known animals are quite good as a pet. You might even know some of them as birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, deer, and some others.

Regardless of their type, a pet should be kept in comfort and safety. Only a secured fence can ensure that. The invisible fencing, a landmark technology for pet care, is one such secure option. Here we shall discuss a particular aspect of your and the invisible fencing – how to train a dog with an invisible fence to get it habituated with the fence.

What is an Invisible Fence?

As you’re here to know the process of making your dog familiar with an invisible pet fence, so we can assume that you know what an invisible fence is. But for your convenience, here is a brief again.

A fence that is not visible and does not create any physical barrier but still can prevent pets from intervening outside or inside is an invisible pet fence.

They come in two different forms – (i) grounded wire from and (ii) wireless form. Both of them are electricity-powered and have their different ways of working with the same goal of detaining pets safely and comfortably within a particular boundary.

Why Train Your Dog?

Prior training of your dog with an invisible fence is a must if you decide to contain him within it. A dog should not be left in a confused condition where it cannot decide where to stay or go. Confusion might make the dog frustrated and afraid of the containment. It might have an accident and physical damage. It is essential that your dog knows where to stay within the fence.

How to Train a Dog with an Invisible Fence?

Pretty simple, though, need cautions and some more time to do the job effectively and safely. What else you need to do are stated step by step as follows:

Step 1

Before starting to train a dog, you should confirm that it knows the fundamental commands. Remember, the training program is not going to be completed so quickly, for instance, several days. You even might require months to teach your dog correctly.

Over time, your dog will learn things, especially when they encounter new-new situations. Perhaps within the first couple of months, they will get familiar with the majority of possible conditions that might arise in an invisible fence. You will have to spend time later to get the dog accustomed to the lessons on what it has learned.

Step 2

Mark the boundary using flags. Most invisible fences come with boundary flags when you buy. An outline for your dog is essential, which is marked by those flags.

Step 3

Place a leash on your dog. Deactivate the fence, and walk your dog around the fence perimeter. Complete several trips for a few couple of days so that the dog can get accustomed to the total periphery of the invisible fence.

Step 4

After several trips, activate the system, and let him go only where the alarming beep sound comes. Continue doing so for one week, at least. Let your dog run and roam, but make sure you have control over the leash, and it cannot pass the area where beep triggers. Allow him to do this for several days more.

Step 5

Lengthen the placed leash to allow your dog crossing just the fencing perimeter. When it arrives there, pull the leash and call it back. Praise and reward it when it gets back. Do this for at least a week or even more.

Activate the fencing system, switch on the designated collar, and put it on your dog’s neck. Allow your dog again to cross just the perimeter of the fence. Push it back when it is about to cross the boundary line before the collar offers any shock.

Step 6

Later, allow him to cross again, and don’t push him back. If he continues to approach, the collar will give him a shock this time. Immediately after the shock, pull him inside the boundary line to let him understand the safe area. Repeat this for a couple of weeks or even more. It is essential to learn the dog that he should never cross the line and stay within the designated boundary.


Last Words

Training sessions might be way too annoying sometimes, especially if your dog is stubborn, where you need some special care. If it is quite intelligent, you might be confused or even fooled. Whatever the situation is, be cautious, and never unleash it at any time while training. Accomplish all the sessions, and only then allow your dog on its own to move within the confinement.


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