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You can find many apps for iOS other than the ones in the Apple app store. However, not all external sources can be trusted to give a safe download. This is exactly why you need AppValley App. It opens an opportunity to use your iOS without limits. You can download mods, tweaks, etc using this amazing app store. 

AppValley iOS is totally free of cost. All the apps and games are accessible to everyone. Also, it doesnt require jailbreaking the iDevice. In this article, you will find the best procedure to download and install AppValley on iOS. Do check out this amazing app store. 

How to Download and Install AppValley on iOS Devices 

The procedure to download AppValley on iOS devices is simple and safe. You can get a variety of apps on non-jailbroken iOS devices using this app store alternative. Follow the steps below to download AppValley iOS. 

  1. Navigate to the link provided here from the Safari browser: AppValley VIP.
  1. From the download page that comes up, hit the Install button. 
  1. AppValley will be downloaded on your iOS. 
  1. Move to Settings and open the Profile & Device Management option. 
  1. Select the AppValley profile and turn on the Trust option. 

Thats it. You have installed the latest AppValley on iOS. 

Features of AppValley on iOS 

The latest AppValley for iOS offers many cool features that could transform your device and give it a whole new look. Here are some of the features of AppValley iOS that will make you love this app. 

  1. It has a wide range of tweaked and hacked apps to download for iOS. 
  1. All the apps are available for free in this app store. 
  1. You can customize the device by adding new themes, features, and apps. 
  1. You dont have to jailbreak the iDevice. 
  1. It is a safe platform where you can get apps without errors. 

There are hundreds of features and apps that you can incorporate on iOS using AppValley. This could take your iDevice to the next level. 


1. What does AppValley offer? 

AppValley gives an enormous collection of mods, tweaks, and hacks for iOS that can be downloaded for free on iOS.  

2. Are all the apps free using AppValley iOS? 

Yes, you can avail hundreds of apps or games for free using AppValley on iOS. There is no subscription fee. 

3. How to use AppValley? 

Open AppValley and search for the desired apps using the Search bar. Hit the Install button to get it. Trust the app profile from the device settings. 

4. How to fix Untrusted Developer error for AppValley on iOS? 

Open the Settings and take the Profile & Device Management option. Trust AppValley and the apps you download from it. 

5. Is AppValley illegal? 

No, AppValley is totally legal as it does not break the security rules of Apple.  



AppValley is truly a game-changer for iOS. You can get all your favorite apps and games with it for free while your device remains safe. You can use your iOS without restrictions using AppValley iOS. The latest AppValley iOS is a must-have for iOS. 

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