Top 7 Best Easy Digital Downloads Alternatives In 2022

Easy digital downloads alternative

This post will explain Easy digital downloads alternative Are you seeking for the top Easy Digital Downloads alternatives to start your online business? The finest WordPress plugin for selling digital products and downloadables is without a doubt Easy Digital Downloads. It has extensive features and a user-friendly interface, making it simple for anyone, even beginners, to start an online business.

While Easy Digital Downloads is the most popular digital downloads plugin, it isn’t the only one available. There are a few options, but do they compare to the services provided by Easy Digital Downloads?

Top 7 Best Easy Digital Downloads Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about Easy digital downloads alternative here are the details below;

We compare the alternatives to Easy Digital Downloads in this post so you can make the best decision alternative. We’ll go over features, pricing, disadvantages, and more so you can get the whole picture.

Before we begin, let’s have a look at what Easy Digital Downloads has to offer in order to make this a fair comparison.

Overview of easy Digital Downloads


You may sell any form of digital product with Easy Digital Downloads, including software, eBooks, manuals, movies, and much more. It has a very user-easy shopping cart with Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons. As a result, anyone can develop professional product sites without knowing how to code.

By integrating with common payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net, you can quickly take online payments with this plugin. Aside from that, you’ll have access to tools like coupon code generating, tracking of file downloads, and a customer management system.

EDD is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins, so you’ll never have to worry about the speed or performance of your website.

When it arrives to pricing, Easy Digital Downloads has a variety of reasonable options to suit the demands of various enterprises. The monthly premium subscriptions start at $99.50.

You can upgrade your premium subscription to gain access to additional features and plugin extensions as your business expands. On, a free version of the plugin is also available.

  • Unlimited file downloads • Automated file delivery • User-friendly My Account page • Integration with email marketing services
  • Quick refund processing • File download tracking • Analytics and reporting dashboard built-in • Responsive and pleasant customer service

Easy Digital Downloads makes selling downloaded products a snap with these features and tools.

So, why are you scrutinizing for an alternative for Easy Digital Downloads? Let us look at some of the logic for this.

What’s the Point of Looking for an easy Digital Downloads Alternative?

Easy Digital Downloads is a Word-Press plugin that allows you to sell digital and downloadable products. There are no built-in options for selling physical things because this plugin was designed specifically for selling digital products. If you wish to offer both types of things on your website, you’ll need to install an extension.

In addition, unlike other hosted eCommerce systems, Easy Digital Downloads does not offer hosting or website upkeep.

It’s a lightweight and simple plugin that you can install on your WordPress site and start selling in minutes. With this plugin, you have thorough control over how you handle and track your file downloads.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the greatest Easy Digital Download alternatives and competitors.

Alternatives to Easy Digital Digital Downloads

This list of eCommerce solutions includes a variety of eCommerce and website hosting options. Let’s take a look at them!

1. MemberPress.


MemberPress is the most favored WordPress membership plugin. It allows you to charge a monthly fee for digital assets like photos, PDFs, and online courses. Because the plugin is easy to use, even novices may create a membership site to sell their items.

MemberPress allows you to create several membership levels and put your website’s content behind a paywall. To produce a constant stream of revenue, you may set up one-time and recurring payments.

Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net are just a few of the payment processors that can be integrated. What’s even better is that the plugin doesn’t tack on any extra costs to your online transactions.

You can also use MemberPress to integrate with community-building plugins like bbPress. This permits you to link with your customers and allow them to converse about your products with one another.

  • Content leaking and expiration date choices • Unlimited membership tiers and access regulations
  • Create coupons for discounts
  • Dynamic price page templates • Dedicated addon for course creation and design
  • Dashboard for analytics and reporting

MemberPress vs. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a little plugin that allows you to sell and manage downloadable products on your own website.

MemberPress, on the other hand, is a membership plugin that allows you to limit access to your website’s content and online courses. Members can only access the content after they have registered and paid.

It’s the ideal Easy Digital Downloads alternative for companies looking to build an eLearning website or an online store to sell non-physical goods. Also check iCloud Drive Alternatives 


Pro plans for one site start at $179 per year.



WPForms is the greatest WordPress form builder plugin. It’s jam-packed with tools for creating excellent forms for your website.

It includes a library of form templates from which you may select to download one to get started. To sell your digital products, all you have to do now is tweak the form and include your download link.

If you’re easy, you can read our step-by-step tutorial on selling eBooks in WordPress.

You may add or delete fields and utilise features like conditional logic to make your forms more intuitive with its drag and drop form builder. You can also include a payment area on the form.

WPForms interfaces smoothly with common payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, and Square, allowing you to collect payments for digital downloads with ease.

Furthermore, the plugin includes the ability to send automated email notifications. This allows you to deliver product URLs to customers as soon as their payments are completed. This can also be used to send order confirmation emails.

  • Drag-and-drop builder for beginners • Create product catalogues with prices and photographs • Integration with email marketing tools • Customer order management system • Spam protection to keep hackers and bots out

WPForms vs. Easy Digital Downloads

WPForms is more of a WordPress form plugin than an e-commerce platform. However, it’s on our list of the top Easy Digital Downloads alternatives because it makes selling digital products in WordPress straightforward.

You may also develop any forms for your website, such as lead generating forms to increase the number of people who sign-up for your newsletter. It also allows you to design registration, checkout, product orders, quote requests, callback requests, and other forms that are useful for both shops and wholesalers.

It lacks Easy Digital Downloads’ download management and storage functions. However, after your users have successfully completed their payment using the payment forms, you can offer them content links.

Pricing: $39.50 per year is the starting point.



For all types of businesses, WooCommerce is the greatest open-source eCommerce software. It’s a complete eCommerce solution because it allows you to sell both physical and digital products on your Word-Press website in a matter of seconds.

You get all the capabilities you need to develop a full-fledged online store with WooCommerce. It is an easy-to-use user interface that allows anyone to create product pages and payment choices for their website.

One of the benefits of using Woo Commerce is that it is entirely free. This includes everything from inventory management to shipping options, PayPal payments, and checkout, among other things.

Hundreds of free and premium WooCommerce extensions are available for additional functionality. If you wish to add new payment choices, subscription plans, and other features, these are useful.

WooCommerce features a big knowledge base with tutorials and manuals that walk you through each step. This will assist you in learning how to use each feature and creating an online store.

  • Options for SEO improvement for product pages
  • Includes built-in shipping and tax calculations • Accepts PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, and a variety of other payment methods
  • Customization possibilities that are developer-friendly
  • Dashboard for seeing real-time reports on sales and customer activities • Inventory management system for managing product availability

WooCommerce vs. Easy Digital Downloads

When comparing Easy Digital Downloads with WooCommerce for selling digital products, EDD is the clear winner. You don’t have to create a full-fledged eCommerce website like WooCommerce.

You may sell your digital products anywhere on your website with EDD. With a simple shopping cart system, you can effortlessly add your products and receive payments. As a result, your website’s performance and page load time are unaffected.

However, unlike WooCommerce, it does not have built-in alternatives for selling physical things. For that, you’ll need to install an extension.


4. Shopify


Another wonderful Easy Digital Downloads alternative is Shopify, which allows you to create a comprehensive eCommerce site for your company. After creating an account, you can create a storefront for your company in a matter of minutes.

It comes with a number of website theme templates to help you get started quickly. You can also utilise the template’s simple drag-and-drop builder to make any changes you desire. It allows you to customise the theme by adding new features and changing the designs to reflect your brand.

Shopify is a cloud-hosted eCommerce platform, which means it handles all of the site’s technical features including backup, maintenance, security, and performance. Your site’s frontend is also automatically modified for maximum attractiveness.

You’ll need to connect with other apps like SendOwl and Fetchapp if you want to sell digital products on your online store. Beginners who desire an easy and uncomplicated way to sell their digital products online may find this confusing. Also check PDF Reader Alternatives

Features include: • Easy to set up • Pre-designed store layouts • Discount codes and gift cards can be generated

  • Integrations and extensions from third parties • Connections to other marketplaces

Shopify vs. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads and Shopify are both simple to use and set up. To sell digital goods with Shopify, you’ll need to connect with 3rd-party programmes like SendOwl and FetchApp.

Another disadvantage of Shopify is that it costs $29 a month to use their services, whereas EDD is completely free.

The most basic option is available for $29 per month.

5. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is a well-known eCommerce platform that is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. You can use it on your website to sell both physical and digital downloads.

With the help of a plugin, you may connect your BigCommerce account to your WordPress site. This enables you to display your products and sell them immediately from any page on your website.

Apart from that, BigCommerce provides hosting services as well as website security measures. You’ll also have access to SEO and conversion tools to help you boost your company’s online presence.


  • Easy-to-use website builder • A variety of theme themes • Accepts a variety of payment methods
  • Abandoned cart recovery features • Multi-channel sales option

BigCommerce vs. Easy Digital Downloads

BigCommerce is an excellent eCommerce solution for many types of businesses, but EDD has the upper hand when it comes to selling digital downloads.

EDD is more user-friendly and has a slew of capabilities for managing and tracking downloads without ever leaving your WordPress site.

The Standard plan is priced at $29.95 per month (billed annually).

6. LearnDash


LearnDash is the greatest LMS plugin that allows you to easily develop and sell courses. It’s a great alternative to Easy Digital Downloads for individuals looking to sell digital products including online courses, manuals, tutorials, and quizzes.

Content dripping is a feature of the plugin that allows you to deliver your courses at predetermined intervals. You can also require students to meet certain requirements before beginning a new class.

LearnDash allows you to connect with payment platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout to take payments from students. There are choices for one-time and recurring payments when setting up a subscription model.

Highlights include: • Multimedia support for course creation • Pre-designed course templates • Quiz and assignment creation options • Gamification aspects such as certification and badges • Automated email alerts

LearnDash vs. Easy Digital Downloads

In comparison to EDD, LearnDash focuses on selling online courses rather than software and file downloads. However, for educational institutions and individual creators who wish to make money by selling their courses, it is a fantastic alternative.

Pricing for a single website licence starts at $160.

7. Ecwid


Ecwid is a wonderful alternative to Easy Digital Downloads. It’s an eCommerce platform that allows you to sell digital things directly from your website.

Ecwid may be used with a variety of website builders, including Wix and Weebly, to create an online store. The user dashboard is easy to use and comes with a variety of pre-built design templates to assist you in quickly creating your storefront. Also check Best SharePoint Alternatives


  • Unlimited storage possibilities • User-friendly dashboard • Responsive design templates
  • Multiple payment options • Integration with many website builders

Ecwid vs. Easy Digital Downloads

Ecwid, like Easy Digital Downloads, offers a free plan with limited eCommerce functionality. It does not allow you to sell or manage digital products in the same way that EDD’s free edition does.

In addition, compared to Ecwid, EDD is more lightweight and bloat-free, which means your site will load quickly and score better in search results.

There is a free plan available. Monthly Pro plans start at $12.50. (billed annually).

What is the greatest alternative to Easy Digital Downloads?

We can confidently state that Easy Digital Downloads is the greatest solution for selling digital items after comparing all eCommerce platforms and plugins.

EDD, as the name implies, allows you to quickly set up an online store for selling digital downloads. The plugin’s comprehensive download tracking and reporting features set it apart from other platforms.

So, without leaving your WordPress site, you can keep track of your conversions and manage your download files from a single dashboard.

It also integrates with email marketing platforms such as Aweber, ConvertKit, and others. As a result, you may get people to sign up for your email list and build it.

If you still want an alternative to Easy Digital Downloads, try one of the following suggestions:

  • MemberPress: The most powerful membership plugin, allowing you to sell online courses, tutorials, and other digital material through subscriptions.
  • WPForms: An easy-to-use platform for selling digital products without having to build up a complicated eCommerce store.
  • WooCommerce: The greatest WordPress eCommerce plugin for selling digital and physical things, with a tonne of features.

And there you have it! We hope that this info has assisted you in determining the best Easy Digital Downloads alternative for your company.

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