Elijah Norton: Great Customer Service Is The Key To Success

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Elijah Norton understands the critical role of great customer service in his business. In 2011, he founded Veritas Global Protection with only two employees. He knew the best approach for a startup business was a vision, a solid plan, and excellent customer service.

The world’s top businesses stayed true to their goal of keeping customers happy.

Why Customer Service Is Critical for Your Business

Excellent customer service is usually an underrated player in a successful business. New entrepreneurs frequently look at product and service quality, price, value, and quantity as markers of business success. The truth is that success in business is a multi-faceted gem. It shines the brightest when several things work together, including customer service.

Elijah Norton considers great customer service as the heart of his business. If a company cannot satisfy its customers and provide good customer service, it won’t be able to grow.

Norton is confident about this approach. After all, he was able to build his business from a three-man operation to a group of companies that now earns at least $50 million annually. Veritas Global Protection continued to grow, consistently providing customers with value while adapting to their changing needs.

His secret is a simple formula. By keeping his customers happy, he not only retains them, but he also gets to promote his brand. Improved interaction with customers is also a way for his business to learn and improve.

Building Revenue

Every business decision is influenced by revenue. Profitability is the best indicator of a business’s success. Nearly 85% of businesses report an increase in revenue after focusing on customer service.

One critical benefit of great customer service is its impact on brand building. A good business is a reliable business, especially from the customer’s point of view. This is why some of the world’s top brands are still killing it in the market to this day.

Building a brand means building a positive reputation, which goes further than just leaving a good impression. Reputation brings in profits and attracts better partners, workers, and investors.

On top of that, a good reputation allows a business to grow just by word-of-mouth. When customers have a positive experience with a brand, they are more likely to recommend it while remaining loyal. This is especially helpful in a highly competitive niche when customers have a wide range of options.

Keeping Your Customers

According to Elijah Norton, customer satisfaction is the reason why they enjoy the loyalty of their customers. When customers are happy and content, they remain loyal to the business, thus making it more stable as far as revenues go. This allows business owners to make accurate predictions, eliminating the dreaded and often costly estimations that could ultimately lead to losses.

The majority of conumers will keep the services of the business they trust – the kind of company that offers top-notch products and treats them well. Having a good product may attract new customers, but customer service keeps them.

Rise Above the Competition

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Some industries are challenging markets to conquer because of dogged competitors. New products, attractive features, fresh models, and affordable prices all vie for consumers’ attention. However, while these characteristics are attractive, customers will not remain loyal if unsatisfied. Almost 90% of consumers will switch to another brand or business if they experience poor customer service.

Many businesses make this one big mistake. Some business owners and decision-makers focus primarily on giving their consumers what they believe are the better products and services, often neglecting to boost customer experience.

Elijah Norton knows that a business wouldn’t make any profit without customers. If customers are unsatisfied with their service, there is a higher chance they will turn to a competitor.

Innovation as a Solution

According to Elijah Norton, there is no such thing as a static business. He is continually working to innovate the services offered by Veritas Global Protection apart from its competition. Elijah Norton believes that being innovative in the industry has helped to lead to success.

Norton says it goes beyond just creating something new periodically. Innovation is also about responsiveness. Veritas Global Protection, for example, they go far and beyond to ensure that their clients are taken care of. They also maintain an open communication line to determine the changing needs of their clients.

The Future of Every Business is Customer Service

No one builds a successful business overnight. All businesses have to go through a growth phase, which can take some time. According to Norton, genuine business success can only be achieved and measured through years of hard and smart work.

Norton knows that building a good relationship with his clients has made all the difference. That, along with patience and a brain for innovation, got Veritas Global Protection to where it is today.

Elijah Norton is the President and Executive Chairman of Veritas Global Protection, a globally recognized company specializing in providing automotive protection. One of its most popular products is the Veritas Global Exotic Program, which provides coverage for the world’s most popular brands of exotic cars.

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