Elmedia: The Most Trusted and Top Ranked Video Player for Mac

What can be better than having a video player that can offer advanced streaming options and support almost every media format? Sounds great, right?

If you have a Mac and are struggling with MP4 players because they are not as advanced and do not support every type of media file because of some unusual codes, don’t worry because you are not alone. Many Mac users face this problem, and we are here to show you the ultimate solution.

Elmedia Player is Top Music Player For Mac with some unique streaming features and the ability to conceive any media format. There is no need for additional codecs for the player to work. You can download the video player without any cost, and it is compatible with every video and audio format that are commonly used, such as AVI, SWF, WMV, FLV, DAT, M4V, MKV, MPG etc. It can also easily play WMA files on Mac.

This MP4 app for Mac provides you with an outstanding viewing experience in HD quality without any extra strain on the CPU. With this media player, you can rest assured that there will be no lagging and syncing issues, and you can watch your favourite shows or movies without any hindrance.

Features of Elmedia MP4 Player.

  • Control the Playback

With the powerful Elmedia player, you get the freedom of controlling what you are watching. Choose the speed you want to watch your video at, sync in the subtitles easily, and you can even set the player to watch the video frame by frame.

  • Don’t suffer because of the ads.

Watch the videos online from YouTube or Dailymotion uninterrupted without any in-between ads. Choose the ”Open Online Video” option and surf through the videos without any hindrance.

  • Download online videos

Thanks to this wonderfully created movie player app for Mac, you can easily download and save any online videos to your device along with the available subtitles by switching Elmedia to your built-in-browser. If you are downloading the video from YouTube, you can even save the complete playlist.

  • Extract Sound from Video

There are many times when we like certain audio in a video on YouTube but cannot find it online. In this case, we get compelled to watch the whole video. Elmedia player comes to your rescue here, and you can fetch the background music from the video separately, and it will get saved to your system as MP3, MP4, or any other format.

  • Stream your Videos to Other Devices

With the Elmedia player, you can easily stream in your local files in Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart Tv and other DLNA devices. You can sync your phone with your Mac and play music from your mobile phone to Mac for a better audio experience. Elmedia makes it possible in every scenario.


  • Supports several media format
  • Streaming and downloading videos are possible
  • Has playlist capabilities
  • Can extract audio from a YouTube video


  • Older Mac OS can show some compatibility issues
  • Only available for Mac and not for Android or Windows

Get the most out of the Elmedia video player and experience HD quality videos without any slowdowns. Elmedia will make sure your viewing experience is uninterrupted and up to the mark.

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