EmailChecker Review: See How the Most Trusted Email List Verification System Works?

Email Checker is basically a verification tool that verifies that the email address to which you will be sending an email is correct and functioning or not in real-time. And this ensures that the email address is valid before you proceed to send the message to the recipient.

Most of the companies offering the email checker services allow you to deploy this feature on all kinds of websites and apps. They include Online Enquiry-related Forms, POS (Point of Sale) System networks, and E-Commerce Checkout Webpages.

How does Email List Verification System Work?

Before we get into the mechanisms of email checker, let’s get to know the features of it in the first place. Although EmailChecker has many features, here are some of the best features that this application offers to the people and businesses:

·      Prevents false emails

Most of the time, when you are operating a website that generates leads or has blogs, forums, etc.; you are exposed to the risks of getting many false emails. Most of the users will not be able to identify that they are receiving these malicious emails. And hence, they will register their details on the website unknowingly.

With the Email Checker Verification APIs, you can prevent your users from getting these fraudulent emails and registering their names or beneficial information on the platforms.

·      Retains Valued Customers

When you are running an E-Commerce platform, you will have to ensure that your customers stay with you for a more extended period. Also, ensure that they buy products or opt for services that you are offering on a long-term basis. It becomes essential for you to maintain this cordial relationship with your customers.

To maintain this relationship, you must opt for the email checker services. This is because you will be able to prevent any invalid emails that are sent to your users when they are about checkout on your platform.

·      Fully-integrated verification

Most of the time, the software vendors who are offering such services, tend to capture the email addresses of your customers during onboarding processes. When you tend to use the email checker, you can integrate verifications of the email addresses. Moreover, they are included as a value-added package.

·      Real-time verification of the emails

If you have a call-center to address the issues and concerns of your customers, they tend to capture the data of the customer. They further preserve this customer data in their databases. You can perform real-time verification of the data that has been captured. Moreover, you can further reduce the number of incorrect email addresses that are included in the database.

Although many people are working with email verifiers who understand the entire technical concepts of the service, many things are taken into consideration. The email checker allows you to verify the email addresses of the customers and identify the invalid ones that are not operating.

Moreover, the email checker process includes many validation steps that are performed automatically by the systems. Here are some steps that are followed by the email checker to validate the email addresses:

·         Syntax Check

One of the core features of the email checkers, this is the first step for all the companies who are offering the email checker services. Syntax check allows you to check the spelling of the email addresses correctly. It makes sure that there no spaces in the words, no commas, and all the symbols are placed successfully. It further checks the domain extensions and makes sure that it is placed correctly.

·         Domain Check

The second step that is followed by the syntax check is the domain check. Domain check enables you to ensure that the domain name of the email address is hosted correctly and exists in real-time. It further checks if the domain is registered and works properly when placed on the hosting domain.

·         Email Ping

This has been considered to be one of the sophisticated steps when verifying an email address. Email ping is a technical process that is done by the companies offering such services. In this step, the companies ping an EHLO message to the exact email ID. After that, they wait for their response from the server of the email.

Once the response is received from the server, it confirms the existence of the email address. After that, the verifiers will be able to complete the verification process. It is performed to ensure that the email address to which you will be sending an email is active and valid.

Pros of using EmailChecker software

There are various benefits of using the EmailChecker email verification software. However, the best benefit of using this software is to mitigate phishing risks that usually occur when hosting a significant platform in an E-Commerce website. Here are a few other advantages:

  • Ascertains data accuracy
  • Reduces any bounces of emails
  • Saves the cost of production
  • Shows accurate insights for campaigns
  • Enhances customer engagement
  • Increases ROI for campaigns
  • Saves time and efforts to fix bounces
  • Good for detecting spam keywords for improving further accuracy
  • Helps in the detection of the Disposable Email Address or DEA

Cons of using EmailChecker software

Although there are many benefits of this software, there are some disadvantages that you will have a look through before opting for its services. Here are some cons of EmailChecker software:

  • In-built abuse detection may not work effectively
  • Not all spam traps work effectively and detect spam emails in the first instance all the time.
  • Relying on heavily validation checks that might be problematic at some point in time.
  • No detection of URI DNSBLs and DNSBLs


EmailChecker software offers many better packages for you. The package usually varies from $14 to $2,499, wherein you can get email checking credits ranging between 1,000 and 2,500,000. You can select the best one as per your feasibility and requirements.


Considering the requirement of high accuracy, email blocking, spam or fake email identification, and more, the EmailChecker software is the most preferred, nowadays. Not just that much, it further allows real-time API verification and doesn’t require any installation or download in your device.

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