Everything you should know about Delta-8

For many years, cannabis is grown naturally in the wild and has been used for fiber, medicine, and food. Even today, many countries across the globe have legalized its use while some countries are working on lifting the ban. The reason is a no-brainer – Many scientific research studies have proven that marijuana contains medicinal values despite its characteristics of making someone feel high.

Currently, cannabis is used for recreational and medical purposes, and Delta-8 or Delta-8 THC is the one in the limelight. Although it is not something new to the world of cannabis, recently, its popularity is on the rise. So, if you have already used it or trying for the first time, make sure you read this before giving it a go.

What is Delta-8?

For many, the explanation of different composites within marijuana can sound like jargons, and many tend to mix up Delta-8 with its sibling Delta-9 – This piece of information will clear your doubts.

A cannabis plant includes two main chemical compounds which are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabinoids). Talking about these two elements, THC can make you feel high, while CBD provides specific health and medical benefits. In addition to these chemical compounds, cannabis plants also produce several other compounds in small amounts: CBN, THCV, CBG, and, no wonder, Delta-8-THC.

According to scientific data, Delta-8 is an analog of delta-9-THC, the primary form of THC traced in cannabis and hemp that gets people high – But with some significant differences, which is also less potent and chemically different from Delta-9. In simple terms, both have different chemical chains yet are the isomers of THC. By means, Delta-8 and Delta-9 contain double bonds, but the double bond takes place in different carbon chains, which are 8th and 9th consecutively – The names say it all.

Although both share a similar molecule structure and properties, the lower psychotropic potency is the notable difference in Delta-8. While some may also describe Delta-8 as a cannabinoid, the controversies are yet to be backed by scientific studies.

Can you really feel high with Delta-8 THC?

Will it make me fly like a kite and get high like rockets? If you think Delta-8 can make you feel high like its cousin Delta-9, perhaps you have got that wrong. As described, it is a light cerebral cannabinoid with calming and uplifting effects linked to full-body sensation but not to mind-high.

However, the effects may vary from person to person and depending on the strains and terpenes it contains.

Therapeutic benefits of Delta-8

Many studies confirm that Delta-8 could still provide comparable medicinal benefits to Delta 9 but without harmful consequences.

Certain scientific studies show that Delta-8 THC reduces the risk of nausea and increases appetite in cancer patients.

It is also reported to relieve pain, stress, nausea, anxiety and help with libido conditions.

When it comes to treating cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s disease, Delta-8 has shown some promising progress in Alzheimer’s patients.

A research was conducted in 1974 to identify if Delta-8 was harmful to the immune system. The study turned out to be an eye-opening exploration confirming that Delta-8 contains cancer-killing compounds.

Delta-8 has been tested to help with corneal injuries, glaucoma, and side-effects linked to chemotherapy, such as vomiting and nausea.

The legal status of Delta-8 THC

Thanks to Farm bill – yes, it is legal on the federal stage; only the derivations of hemp plants with a delta-9 THC concentration lower than 0.3% are permitted. Moreover, in the United States, Delta-8 preparations derived from hemp plants meeting above THC regulations are categorized as CBD products.

However, the legal guidelines may differ from state to state and county to country – So, keep this in mind.

How to enjoy Delta-8 THC?

As Delta-8 surges in popularity, you may find an array of products and brands all over the cannabis market. Delta 8 gummies, vapes, sticks, tinctures, drinks, and edibles are some of the ways to enjoy them without driving a headlong experience.


Whether you are a cannabis consumer or a person using marijuana to treat your medical conditions, Delta-8 is good to go, with various uses and benefits. Many users claim that Delta-8 gives a slightly mild psychoactive experience compared to the extensive head-high in Delta-9. Above all, it has proven to provide several medicinal benefits over ordinary THC.

However, people with less tolerance need to reconsider their choice before trying Delta-8, as it still can make them feel high. Consult your doctor and seek proper medical guidance to see how Delta-8 can help with your progress.

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