Finding the Best Software Development Outsourcers in Asia

Asia is making an effort to dominate in the software development industry and usually is the first choice for businesses that outsource to foreign countries. Countries all over Asia and the rest of the world are in the competitive and growing market.

Finding an outsourcing partner can have multiple variables as every client’s needs are different. For those looking in Asia for a software developer or agency, the question often arises of which Asian country is best for software development.

As multiple areas of Asia perform exceptional work, Vietnam is a country outsource clients should keep their eyes on. The country is among the top 10 countries in software development outsourcing.

The Overall Climate of Asian Software Developers

The rapid growth of the IT talent pool has happened all over Asia. They are direct competitors with the middle east as India has been a go-to option for outsourcing. The talent pool varies because graduates in different countries may specialize in different fields of software development.

Rates are competitive throughout Asia especially with the middle east. Asian countries consistently work on strategies to keep rates below countries such as India. Other southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines have been offering competitive rates also to stay high-ranking in the industry.

Why Choose Vietnam?

There are some characteristics about Vietnam that make it a heavy contender in software development not just in Asia but globally. Vietnam has made an initiative to be the silicon valley of the far east. Major corporations like IBM and Microsoft have been investing in Vietnam’s outsourcing.

Population Details

Vietnam has a large amount of their total population that’s relatively young. There could be plenty of fresh new talent entering the industry that outsourcing clients would like to work with being that about half the population is in their mid-30s or younger. Roughly 1 million people in Vietnam are currently working in the software development industry.

Government Aid in the IT Industry

Some people have been skeptical of the potential IT growth of the country due to the communist-led government. However, the government has made a great effort to expand the sector of their economy. The Vietnamese government wants their country to be a key player in this field and contribute to its growth.

is a good location for IT graduates to start companies or join them. This city is the financial or economic center of the country. They aid in education with some of the support being various grant programs. STEM education has been a heavy investment by the government and they are working to legally and financially help roughly 2,600 companies by 2027. The government understands the economic potential of this industry that could increase the GDP, despite other industries such as farming being leading sectors for the country.

Their strategy for maintaining COVID exposure and cases has been more effective than some other countries in Asia. Handling the virus effectively could have allowed for there to be fewer cases. Therefore, developers could have remained consistently available throughout the pandemic thus far. The virus lockdowns have severely cut down the ability to commute to offices and buildings where many developers go to work. According to an article in Forbes, Vietnamese software developers are more likely to work from home.

Business Process and IT Outsourcing

Vietnam has grown a reputation for innovation which has a lot to do with their business processes. Developers have sufficient technology to have a versatile approach to programming and technological advancements.

With a highly-skilled workforce in Vietnam, the country has experienced rapid growth with billions in revenue from software development. The growth rate is substantial on an annual basis in business process outsourcing alone. The small decline in growth in business process outsourcing in India has caused countries like Vietnam to gain more attention of IT clients.

Software development companies in Vietnam strategize in being available 24/7 by building teams that can structured to maintaining productivity all day and night. Some will develop during the day while others test at night. It’s also a great convenience for clients of theirs located west of the Atlantic.

English as a Second Language

Due to a large amount of clientele in the western hemisphere, countries in the far east make English a priority for graduates to learn to be more marketable in the industry. Vietnam’s colleges have incorporated the English language into the curriculum making it easier for IT graduates to gain global clients quite early in their careers.

Likeliness of Long-Term Client Relationships

There are cultural differences in Vietnamese culture that make them a more dependable as partners and outsourcers. Many of them stay close to home as they culturally provide their families and try support their extended families also.

Most software development companies in Vietnam can rely on the longevity their IT graduates will dedicate to their position in these companies and startups. Clients can likely expect Vietnamese outsourcers to be long-term partners if that’s what their needs require.

Clients Need to Be Sure They Choose What’s Best for Them

Those looking to outsource should be aware of what they need from an outsourcing partner or team. Vietnam may be a good choice but it’s also important to pick the right software developers for your situation. Since many candidates in the talent pool specialize in areas like the Internet of Things (IoT) or artificial intelligence (AI), clients need to search for outsourcers that know their needs.

There are thousands of options in many countries all over the world including Vietnam. With over a million graduates and counting, there is a software development company in Vietnam fit for every business.

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