Geofencing Marketing Companies

Geofencing is delivering an advertisement to people within a certain area. The companies can set a “fence” of where the ad will stop. Everyone inside this fence will be able to see the advertisement that is being sent out.

There are various Geofencing marketing companies that can help you get started with a Geofencing advertisement campaign. They can help you determine what Geofencing is and can create the best marketing plan for you.

The following companies can help you learn how to set up Geofencing marketing.

  • Propellant Media – This is a premier Geofencing company for small to midsized companies. This company can let people deliver advertisements in very specific areas, down to the actual building that they will be delivered.
    • You can expect to pay about $1,000 a month for Geofencing with Propellant Media.
  • – This company can be seen as one of the best geofence marketing company out there. This may be because this is one of the first companies that founded geofencing.
    • With this company you can expect to pay about $10,000 – $20,000.
  • ThinkNear – ThinkNear has many offices around the United States. ThinkNear offers a geofencing service that can target customers who get near a location, rather than choosing a specific location.
  • Agility.Marketing – Agility. Marketing is similar to Propellant Media except they off free ad creative development. If you choose the programmatic digital solution set then Agility. Marketing will create the ads for you then send them out to your crowd.
  • Cidewalk – Cidewalk is a geofencing company that specializes in mobile marketing. They are geared towards small and mid-sized businesses.
    • Cidewalk offers packages ranging from $100, $250, and $500 per month.
  • Local Page Pop – This company adds demographic filters on the ads that they are sending to a specific area. So geofencing ads are sent within a certain area to certain chosen people. This company does a lot of work with real estate firms and political campaigns.
  • Medialize Marketing – This geofencing marketing company has a three-step process on how to get started with geofencing advertising. This company will analyze your website to ensure you have a platform that is going to create the highest level of traffic, so you can deliver ads with the best results.

Location based advertising: Proximity marketing and proximity advertising

The best thing to do is create a list of needs and a list of wants. What you need from geofencing and what you want. Then compare this list with your budget and find the best geofencing advertising company for you.

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