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PayU Biz is a payment gateway application from PayU. Easy to set up, it is a roust way to securely collect online payments. After integration with an ecommerce website, the customers can pay via credit/debit card, net banking and other digital modes. Pay U Biz is not just a payment gateway; it is a platform for a user friendly and vibrant customer experience.

This online payment gateway provides intuitive integration and analytics. It serves merchants all over the globe. So, if you own a store and want to sell across the globe, then, PayU biz is an excellent solution to receive payments from your clients.

Technical Specifications

Let us take a quick look at its specifications

  • Organisation type: SMEs, Mid-Market, Enterprise, Start-ups and Agencies
  • of employees: 1-10, 11-15, 16-200, 201-500, 501-5000
  • Supported platforms : iOS, Windows and Android
  • Device : Desktop
  • Deployment: Perpetual
  • Suitable for: All industries
  • Business specific: All businesses
  • Language: English

How to Get Started?

You first need to setup a PayU Biz account in the system. Thereafter, you need to do the following:

  • First, Log In to the PayU Biz web interface with your respective login credentials such as username and passwords.
  • On the Dashboard, Click the settings tab.
  • Click change Alias and view salt.
  • Copy all the values of the Alias and current salt. You will require all these values in the next step.

Steps for Setting Up an Ecwid Account

  • Select payment in the Ecwid Control panel.
  • Select the See complete list button.
  • Click credit card: PayU Biz – you will see the pop up as depicted in the picture below:

  • Fill the Alias value in the Alias/Key section
  • Fill the Current salt value into the Salt section
  • Click on Save

To test the payment first, you need to obtain the Alias/Key or Salt (not production).  Next, enable setting Send transactions to test server.

What Features Does PayU Biz Offer?

The gateway offers a wide range of features to its users. From lubricating the transactions to maintaining security, it offers a comprehensive range of features. Following are the features offered by PayU Biz:

  • A mobile focused application, its custom mobile browser makes data entry genuinely simple on the bank’s pages. On the Android platform, you can auto read the OTP from your SMS app and fill it in. There will be no drops due to poor network. You can pick up the transaction wherever it had dropped due to poor network and can finish it later.
  • The APIs of this gateway simplify many a complex function. It helps you store customer’s data and breeze through repeat transactions. Since its patent is filed, there is absolutely no need for entering the CVV.
  • It automatically detects the health of different acquiring gateways and channelizes the transaction to the best gateway. This can help you boost conversion rates by as much as 12%.
  • The gateway offers a full stack payment platform for developers. Its native web and mobile SDK are such that you can integrate using just few lines of code. It also provides Shopping cart and Ecommerce plug-in support. It supports most of the shopping cart kits such as Magento, WordPress, Presta Shop, open cart etc.

What are the Benefits?

You avail the following meritorious features by subscribing to the PayU Biz payment platform:

  • You can easily and seamlessly manage your transactions, refunds, disputes and settlements from one single dashboard with a few clicks. It allows you to download reports across data segments. It enables you to view real time transactions and take business decisions immediately.
  • It helps you to swiftly manage your account. You can edit your business details, bank details, notification settings, web hooks and report easily from a single location.
  • PayU Biz notification feature allows you to be always informed about important events so that you can take actions on the go.
  • PayU Biz allows you to stay connected with your client. It provides a crisp, simple, fast and intuitive solution that helps you say goodbye to slow payment platforms. It delivers lightning fast payment services directly without redirecting clients from your website.
  • The gateway comes loaded with an optimized and highly responsive web design approach. It can automatically adjust checkout page for any device be it smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops.
  • You do not need to worry about supporting new features and payment methods. After integration, you will get automatic updates.
  • You just need to add a few lines of code on your page and enjoy a smooth payment experience.
  • It offers world class security. There is no need to make your website https enabled for data security. Your transactions will be secured with 128 bit SSL encryption along with two factor authentication. PayU Biz applies 100 plus risk rules for every payment. It allows you to simply focus on the business and not to worry about the security. This system is completely reliable.
  • You can keep track of success rates, payment gateway performances and insights on conversion rates through dedicated reports.
  • You can play around with funnels to pivot your success rates on various parameters such as the issuer.

Following are the benefits for your clients:

  • The gateway provides end to end payment solution for your clients. Your clients will get the best and latest payment technology with the best rates in the market.
  • Next, it offers 100% online onboarding. Plus, it helps your clients make payments within 5 minutes post signup.
  • PayU Biz delivers a seamless and easy mode of payment management. Clients can keep track of all the transactions, initiate refunds and get complete support.
  • Its PCI-DSS compliance secures all data and transactions with 128 bit SSL encryption. It is trusted by more than 4 lakh online businesses.


If you are Web developer, Freelancer, student, Digital marketing agency, E commerce consultant or a Blogger then you can partner with PayU Biz. It is the responsibility of both customer and the merchant to ensure that there is no breach of security while performing a transaction. PayU Biz’s secure network prevents vulnerability of any kind of cyber attack.

All said and done, what finally matters is how popular a thing is. Popularity is the ultimate metric of success for most products and services. You can judge the utility of the gateway from the fact that more than 4 lakh merchants make use of payU Biz application to perform daily business transactions.

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