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Get Vietnam Visa for Australians: Requirements and Process


Are you an Australian citizen and want a Vietnam visa for the business, tour, or another purpose? Do you know how to apply for a Vietnam visa from Australia? Do you want full insight into the process? Though Vietnam offers visa exemptions for some countries, Australian nationals need a visa for immigration purposes. Whether you are an investor and want business in Vietnam or an Australian tourist, you need a visa to enter Vietnam. In this article, I shall give a full insight into visa requirements for Australians and the process of visa. After reading the article, you may apply for a Vietnam visa easily. Though some visa services offer help to process a Vietnam visa for Australians.

Why Vietnam

The question is, why you need to visit Vietnam. It is a fact that Vietnam is merely beautiful. I have a very kind of natural land scope and attractions. Vietnam has a unique culture which has a fascination for Australian visitors. Here are forests, lakes, and rivers. There are terraced porches of rice; here are natural caves and much more. Here are street-side food stalls and home-brewed beer. There are bars and hotels with affordable packages. You may see a blend of eastern and western civilizations in Vietnam. A large number of Australians visit this land, and the number is still increasing.

Visa for Australian citizens

These days Vietnam is a frequent destination for Australians. More and more people come to Vietnam for business and visit. You should know the visa requirements. As Australian, you should have complete knowledge of the visa process and the immigration rules of Vietnam.

Do you need a Vietnam visa?

There are a lot of countries that do not need a Vietnam visa. They may enter Vietnam with a passport. As Australian, you are not in the list of states which are exempted from visa, so an Australian needs to apply for Vietnam visa. If you are an Australian citizen and have an Australian passport, you may apply for Vietnam visa through two methods


  • It would be best if you had a six months valid passport before your proposed date of exit from Vietnam.
  • Fresh photograph not older than six months
  • Visa processing time is 5-7 working days. You will get a visa during this period.

If you live away from the Vietnam embassy, you need to hire a visa processing agent or service which specializes in visa processing for Australian citizens. You may also apply online if you can’t come to the embassy due to business or other problems. It is easy and straightforward.

When your visa is approved, you may receive it online and print it. You need to pick up a visa at one of the Vietnam airports. You will need to stamp your visa after that paying the required fees. If you apply for an online visa, you will need to travel to Vietnam by air and not via land. In this way, you may get a Vietnam visa for Australian residents.

Visa on arrival for Australian citizens

There is a regulation since 1996 that if you are visiting Vietnam as an Australian citizen, you may collect your visa at a Vietnam international airport. It is termed as a Vietnam visa on arrival. It is a fact that this convenience is specifically for Australians who travel via air only. If you have another transport system you will have to apply for a full visa. You may pay stamping fees only in cash via Vietnam dong or American dollar. It may be paid at any international airport.

You may find a trusted visa agent who may help you in the visa process. Applying online is the quickest way to get a visa on arrival; it saves your processing time and much more; you may quickly get an Australian visa in 30 minutes if it is urgent. In typical cases, you need to wait for some hours to get the process completed.

The benefit of applying online

If you apply online for a Vietnam visa, you need not give any document. Furthermore, you may book-related services to make your visit more excellent. It is just a comfort and flexible for you. You get extra services like fast-tracking of your luggage, car booking, hotel booking and a lot of other services.

Processing service

There are several visa process service providers for Australian citizens planning to visit Vietnam. You may hire on trusted service. These services offer fast processing of  Vietnam Visa for Australians.

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