Here Are The Best No Log Based VPNs For Maximum Privacy

You love your safety, right? You don’t want third parties to uncover your online travels, right? Well, then invest in an authentic VPN. With a VPN, you have a powerful tool that can hide your IP address and keep your logs private. The best thing about a VPN is that it comes with end to end encryption that creates a channel for you. This means that third parties cannot snoop into your private information.

It’s always important to note that there are numerous third parties who’re interested in following you around as you browse the web. Aside from the normal hackers and government agencies, it’s highly probable that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) wants to track your online activity so that they can gather and sell your personal data to their advertisers. Here are some of the best VPNs that don’t keep logs and therefore guarantee optimal privacy and security.


ExpresVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands. It only logs the date of your connection as well as the server you’re connected to. And when it comes to speed plus global server coverage categories, it’s one of the most reliable options.


This VPN provider keeps no logs at all. It provides military-level encryption plus Double-VPN protection. Even more, it accepts Bitcoin payments, which further protects your financial privacy.


CyberGhost only tracks the success of connection attempts. Its easy-to-use app makes this VPN provides the best of all times. Just like NordVPN, CyberGhost also accepts Bitcoin payments.


This VPN doesn’t record any logs for any customer’s online activity. The obfuscation feature plays a significant role in disguising your VPN traffic as a normal internet activity. Moreover, it delivers fast connection speeds.


PrivateVPN doesn’t track any of your online activities while you’re connected to their servers. Apps provide military-level encryption in addition to IPv6 leak protection. Plus, it accepts anonymous payment methods and provides speedy connections, as well as top-notch encryption.

 Free VPNs: Do They Keep Logs?

Did you know that getting something for free on the internet, means that the product they’re selling to make a profit is actually you? Well, now you know. That commonly applies to most “free” VPN providers.

Most of these VPN providers keep logs of all your online activities and then sell the gathered information to advertisers or other interested parties. In fact, some of them will even Inject ads plus tracking cookies into your browsing sessions.

Other than keeping track of your online activity, some free VPN providers will make you wait in a virtual line before permitting you to connect to their VPN server. Besides, they might restrict your browsing experience with bandwidth as well as data caps.

When it comes to free VPNs, global server coverage is usually limited and the number of IP addresses allocated to the available locations is often smaller.

The Bottom-Line

It’s time to take your online safety seriously. Don’t let hackers and third parties prey on your private information. Invest in a Privacy Spark – no-log VPN and say goodbye to cybersecurity threats.

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