How Black Friday & Cyber Monday Beneficial for Digital Parents?


The contemporary digital world where everyone is used to using digital devices parents has become digital parents. Parents who are familiar with contemporary technology in terms of cell phone devices, the internet, and social media are well aware of the facts that what virtual world can do against their children. Even then they wholeheartedly provide digital devices to the children and internet access particularly for educational purposes and for several security reasons when they are outside the home.

Kids can make calls to the parents at any point in time to discuss their worries and the things they need. However, when we discuss the dark side of the smartphone kids and teens are vulnerable to social media and internet access. Therefore, parents have to realize that without teaching the do’s and don’ts of internet, and cell phone usage they are more likely to get harm online.

The Mobile Phone is a new Pied Piper for Children Online

Well, it looks funny but it is the bitter truth that contemporary cellphone devices are working as pied piper that can harm young kids and teens at any point in time. Therefore, digital parents have to perform digital parenting on kid’s smartphone devices. Digital parents are highly obsessed with their digital devices why they don’t realize the situation of their kids. Today children are more likely to bully online, trapped by sexual predators like pedophiles and others alike.

Hookups online or uncommitted sexual activities are on the rise because teens can connect with anyone online and the same is the case with cyber predators. Additionally, kids and teens have plenty of options these days in terms of social media platforms. They use plenty of social messaging apps and websites at the same time and don’t ignore the messages and notifications their friends have shared online.

Furthermore, they also get involved in X-rated browsing activities on their cell phones and always keep porn theaters in their pockets. So, modern youth is addicted to mobile phone technology and they spend most of the time on the screen that ultimately harms their health. Obsessed kids mostly have ill sleeping patterns, depression, anxiety and stress that change their behavior with friends and family members.

Common Sense Media statistics: Teen cell phone addiction

  • 1 out 2 teens are obsessed with the phone, and 59% of parents are aware of the fact that they are addicted to the devices and internet
  • Almost 72% of parents and 48% of parents says they always try to immediately respond to text messages, social messaging apps, and notifications
  • 69% of parents and almost 78% of teens used to of making checks of the phones number of times in a single hour
  • Almost 77% of parents do believe that teens and kids get distracted all the time due to cell phone and don’t bother what is happening in surrounds
  • Almost 35% of teens have heated arguments with the parents about cellphone usage
  • Almost 56% of parents and 51% of teens check their cell phone devices while driving and make phone calls and do text messages

How digital Parents get advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Parents can simply get their hands on parental control software to monitor kids’ and teens’ online activities to protect them from cyber dangers, control inappropriate activities and stay updated. All you can do to get Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount on cell phone monitoring app within 50% to 90% on renewals and being new users respectively. Once you have got it then you can simply install it on teens’ and kids’ digital devices.

Additionally, parents can get social media logs of messages, conversations, Voice messages, and multimedia. You can remotely read messages; capture screenshots of activities performed on the target device screen. Furthermore, you can remotely filter inappropriate websites, block text messages, phone calls and internet access on the target devices to protect teens from online predators. Parents even can view all installed apps and last but not least monitor the GPS location of children to know where they are at the moment with pinpoint accuracy.


Being digital parents your first option should be to have kid and teen’s online safety on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. So, get in discounted price and then enjoy the shopping day.


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