How Brick-and-Mortar Stores Can Improve In-Store Aesthetics

Customers are always quick to post pictures of poorly decorated storefronts on social media sites like Instagram, with many using hashtags like #uglystorefront or #toomanyads. When the public is vocal about how unattractive a retail space can be, you know there is room for improvement. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to implement changes that will give your store’s exterior an aesthetic facelift.

Here are some tips on ways brick-and-mortar stores can improve in-store aesthetics:

1. Remove Unnecessary Window Displays

Many models come with windows either as standard equipment or as an added feature (depending on what type of model you purchase), and they’re great for letting natural light into your home. However, if your windows are cluttered with too many displays or advertisements, it can make the space look messy and unorganized. Try to pare down the number of window displays to just a few key items that will still draw attention without overwhelming.

2. Repaint The Exterior

A fresh coat of paint always makes a space look brighter and more welcoming. If your store’s exterior walls are currently a color that doesn’t match your branding or doesn’t look good, consider repainting them in a more flattering hue. You don’t need to go for an extreme makeover – even a light grey or pale pink can make a big difference.

3. Add Flowers Or Greenery

Adding plants or flowers to a retail space can make it look more inviting, especially if you locate them near the entrance. If you want to keep costs low and avoid having to regularly replace plants that have grown too big for your storefront, opt for artificial greenery instead. This way, you won’t have to worry about watering the plants or having them die from neglect, and they’ll always look just as good as the day you put them up.

4. Brighten Up Your Lighting

Good lighting is key to making a retail space feel bigger and more welcoming – this is why many stores will place lamps or overhead lights near their checkout counters where customers wait in line. Make sure your store’s lights are bright enough so people can easily see all of the items you’re selling. If necessary, add some extra lamps or an led lightbox to achieve the desired effect.

5. Clean Up The Exterior

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve a store’s exterior aesthetics is to clean it up! Remove any clutter from the front of the store, sweep and mop the sidewalks, and polish the windows until they shine. A well-maintained exterior will make your store look more professional and inviting.

6. Add Awnings

Awnings are a great way to shield customers from the sun or rain, and they can also add a touch of style to your storefront. If you don’t have any awnings currently, consider adding some – there are many affordable options available online.

7. Use Signs Strategically

Your storefront may already have signed up to help customers find your location, but are they working? Are the signs easy to read from a distance, or are they so small that people can miss them entirely? Experiment with various sign options until you find one that is large enough for passersby to spot easily while still fitting sensibly on your storefront.

8. Incorporate Your Brand’s Colors

Your retail space must reflect your brand’s image and personality. This means incorporating any colors you want shoppers to associate with your business into the decor of the store itself. Many brands will use signage or other visual cues like color-coordinated shelves to make their branding stand out even more. Look at successful stores in your industry and try to emulate their design choices – you don’t need to copy them exactly, but getting inspiration from them can help you create a more aesthetically pleasing store.

9. Use Mirrors To Make The Space Look Larger

Mirrors are a great way to trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it is. Hang some mirrors on the wall opposite your windows or place them near the entrance of your store to give customers an idea of how much space they have to work with. Just be careful not to overcrowd the space with too many mirrors, or it will end up looking cluttered instead.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, brick-and-mortar stores can easily improve in-store aesthetics without spending much money or time. So if you’re looking for a way to give your business a facelift, consider implementing some of these suggestions!

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