How Businesses Are Using Social Media to Double Their Turnover

With the widespread use of social media only gaining more traction over the last half a decade, people are starting to use it for their business and to gain more sales and leads. Businesses are now realising the countless benefits that running a social media has for their growth and turnover, with many stating it has doubled their profits since going online and focusing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Despite what people think, you can truly make use of these platforms and become an online guru who makes a lot of money from their business.

The off-line world is becoming more dependent on what’s happening online which is why so many business owners are seeing how it can benefit them greatly. People are often reluctant to using social media as they feel it’s out of their depth, but you can always hire a company or marketing professional to help you get started if you’ve never done anything similar before. For example, people use SEO agencies – why you need one isn’t a mystery when you’ve got a lot to handle on social media! If you’re able to grow your brand online then you will soon start to reap the rewards through money and assets of your business. Think of starting a social media strategy as another business venture, you must put your time and effort into it, even if it doesn’t always seem like it’s working out.

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 Create Brand Awareness and Buzz

Having multiple social media channels gives your brand more awareness and allows you to reach an audience you may never have before. plus, you’re able to create a buzz around new products and services your brand is revealing. However, to manage all of your social media accounts you are going to need a stable internet connection. For stable connection maintenance, you can acquire signal boosters. The underlined text is where the link shall be placed. Creating a buzz around a hot topic or product means you’re more likely to get sales and therefore find loyal and trusting customers to buy from you in future. People don’t often consider the part that social media plays within creating your brand, but since the majority of people have an account on one or more social medias, you put forward your brand and showcase what you’re able easier than ever before.

Social Media is Free

We’re not talking about Facebook or LinkedIn advertisements here; we’re simply talking about setting up your various social media channels. Doing this is totally free, and as soon as you start posting good quality content, your brand will excel. Many businesses have spent hundreds/thousands of pounds on adverts and different marketing strategies but using the power of social media is free and definitely worth it. The idea that it’s free won’t necessarily double your turnover but it will save you a lot of money in the long term start a social media marketing agency. Forget about billboard advertisements that cost upwards of £500 and start creating free campaigns on Instagram and Facebook that customers love. These sorts of free campaigns will bring in customers and cost nothing at all!

Giving Your Brand/Business Personality

Before the online world took off and social media was all the rage, people often didn’t purchase from companies or businesses they’d never heard of. Most of the time, people would only purchase from huge corporate companies who have spent millions on advertisements over their time in business or their local businesses who they knew of because of family and friends. However, the presence of social media makes it easier than ever to give a personality to your brand and show people the person behind it. You can use videos and photos to customize your brand and show people there is a genuine person behind your business putting in the leg work and trying to make a living from it. What’s beautiful about this is that people will mostly buy products and services from people they feel connected to and social media allows for this connection.

Social media changes many aspects of your business, how it works, and what your turnover is. The potential for your business is unlimited. If you take the time to learn these new skills and change your business as well as how much you earn and the turnover overall. It’s exciting getting started in the world of online, digital marketing and social media is just the start!

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