How Businesses Can Help To Fight Climate Change

Regardless of how big or small a business is, there are things that any business owner can do in order to make their company more environmentally responsible in order to fight against the effects of climate change.

In addition to doing your bit for the planet, by implementing some of the methods below, a business will also save money on its energy bills, meaning either more money going into your own pocket or more money going back into the business in order to help it grow.

Make Recycling Easier

Whilst the vast majority of us do not think twice about recycling packaging and materials within our own home, doing it in work is something that we struggle with doing. Instead of regular waste bins, swap these for recycling ones instead – this will stop paper and other recyclable materials being sent to landfill sites. These should be clearly labelled  and placed in the most convenient sports throughout the workplace.

Install A Smart Meter

The relatively new technology that is smart meters is a great way for any business to save energy. Because they can show in real time the cost of the energy being used, it actually encourages businesses to be more conscious about the energy that they use, thus lowering their overall energy bills. One way of going even further is by setting challenges between employees or departments to see who can do their job whilst using the least amount of energy.

Invest In New Equipment

The latest technology is often much more efficient than older, outdated technology. This is why it can be beneficial to invest in new pieces of kit, such as office equipment, heating systems, and manufacturing machinery. When identifying new equipment to invest in, the energy performance of it should be at the very heart of any decision that the business makes. When replacing old equipment, you should recycle it where ever possible rather than sending it off the land fill.

Paying The Climate Change Levy

Businesses that operate within some certain industries are required to pay a Climate Change Levy (CCL). This is based upon the amount of energy that a business uses and is paid via taxation to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) where it is then used by the government for completing various green initiatives. Visit the Utility Bidder website to learn more about the CCL.

Encourage Active Travel

Where a business has lots of staff commuting to their place of work either by car or on the bus it means that their travelling is reliant on the burning of finite fossil fuels. Instead, employees should be encouraged to adopt active travel methods, such as walking or cycling. The cycle to work scheme introduced by the government means that employees can purchase a bike for commuting at a discounted cost.

Other things that businesses can do to fight climate change include checking their supply chain, improving communication, using gamification, listening to its staff, implementing annual green schemes, and partaking in frequent litter picking events.

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