How CBD Combined with Medical Mushrooms Can Boost Your Immune System

In a world that has been changed drastically by the COVID19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that more and more people are becoming more health-conscious and looking for natural and effective ways to boost their immune systems and protect themselves against the virus. While the vaccine breakthrough has certainly helped much of the world get back to normal, getting the vaccine doesn’t completely prevent you from getting sick, so it’s no surprise that people are looking for additional measures. Read on to find out more about the immune-boosting properties of CBD and medical mushrooms, and how combining the two could improve your health.

CBD and Your Immune System:

The endocannabinoid system is known for playing a crucial role in regulating immunity. Scientists consider it to be a ‘gatekeeper’ of the immune system. Cannabidiol (CBD), which by now you probably know as the non-psychoactive component of Cannabis sativa, is a phytocannabinoid that acts on the endocannabinoid system. Studies have suggested that it may be able to help you with maintaining a healthy, balanced immune system. Some of the ways that it does this include:

Increasing Natural Killer Cells:

Animal studies focusing on autoimmune health found that CBD oil from hemp was able to balance the immune system by reducing the activity of several cells including B cells, T cells, and more. In addition, outside of the autoimmune area, CBD was also found to support the activity of certain natural white blood cells known as natural killer or NK cells, which are a major part of the body’s response to the presence of viruses.

Healthy Inflammatory Response:

CBD is also known for its ability to support and maintain a healthy inflammatory response. In animal studies, it was found to support healthy inflammatory responses in the lungs, improving lung function in mice that were exposed to irritants.

Providing a Calming Effect:

With ongoing stress and anxiety closely linked to a decline in immunity, CBD can help by positively impacting stress levels, promoting a healthy stress response. CBD supplementation has been shown to directly activate the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor and can relieve stress by modulating cerebral blood flow to the regions of the brain that are involved in stress and anxiety including the hippocampus and amygdala. In human trials, CBD has been found to relieve stress in people when public speaking.

The Best Medical Mushrooms for Your Immune System:

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine and are becoming more and more popular in the modern world. They are designed to be taken as powders and you can easily add them to your diet by adding a spoonful to your food or drink. They provide a range of health benefits including hormone balancing, improving brain function, and more. Improving your immune function is yet another reason why medicinal mushrooms have become more popular, especially when they are combined with the immunity-boosting properties of CBD – learn more at Some of the best medical mushrooms to take for a strong immune system include:


Often known as ‘ the mushroom of immortality or longevity’, this is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms for a lot of reasons. Studies have found that it is effective for weight loss and even fighting cancer cells, along with balancing your immune system. It can promote faster healing and sharpen your focus while improving sleep and easing the symptoms of depression and anxiety, all of which strengthen your immune system in turn.

Lion’s Mane:

This unusual feathery mushroom is filled with antioxidants, allowing it to strengthen your immune system while reducing brain fog and providing you with better focus and mental clarity. One of the most unique things about this mushroom is that it improves the production of nerve growth factor (NFG), a bioprotein, and myelin, which insulates nerve fibres and is crucial to ongoing brain health. Along with protecting you from viruses, it can also help you avoid neurological diseases.


Shiitake is a popular mushroom in a lot of Asian cooking, and if you’re already using it in your meals, you’re probably already getting some benefits. However, taking it in supplement form can be even more beneficial, with the ability to boost your immune system along with being especially good for heart health. In animal studies, shiitake has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and inhibit cholesterol absorption and production in the liver.


Antioxidant powerhouses chaga are an excellent medicinal mushroom to take for fighting inflammation and free radicals, boosting your immune health overall. This mushroom is known for combating oxidative stress and may even be able to prevent or slow cancer cell growth.

Combining the immune-boosting properties of CBD and medicinal mushrooms can be an excellent way to enjoy more health benefits and feel better overall. Whether you are worried about catching COVID19 or simply want to feel more energetic and enjoy more mental clarity, this is a winning combination.

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