How Internet of Things (IoT) Help in Building a Hyper Inter-Connected World

Over the past years, businesses have opted for new technology trends and tools for the upbringing of their business. They are considering numerous IoT-enabled equipment to easy their daily task more smoothly and accurately. And when it comes to managing each of WiFi-connected, then IoT is the best choice for them. There is a various difference between a true IoT network and WiFi, which, if not considered, can make businesses lose various opportunities and potential which are coming on their way.

According to a Statista report, the global market for the internet of things (IoT) of the end-user solutions was estimated to grow and reach to 212 billion U.S. dollars in size by 2019, this advance technological solution amounted around 100 billion dollars in market revenue in 2017for the very first time, and forecasts predict that this figure will grow and reach around 1.6 trillion by the year 2025.

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While another research from Statista shows that the installed base of the Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices is predicted to reach around 75.44 billion by the end of the year 2025, this shows a fivefold increase in the last ten years. Advance IoT technology is already enabled by the ubiquitous Internet technology, which is the next vital step that has been taken to deliver the internet’s promise and make the world better and a connected place.

Know What You Must Consider for the Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Solution

Nowadays, businesses are considering an IoT for developing an advanced solution for their business. They have realized the importance of this advanced technology and have stepped ahead for developing advanced solutions for their business with this advanced technology. They know it well that this advanced solution can help them to develop and manage the internet of things enabled network for their business.

The number of businesses that have opted for the internet of things (IoT) technologies has increased from 13% to about 25% from 2014 till today. While the number of IoT-connected devices worldwide is projected to increase by 43 billion by the end of the year 2023, this means an almost threefold increase from 2018. Thus it becomes essential for businesses to prepare their business for the future by adopting an advanced solution developed using this future technology. (Source)

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A different layer of IoT technology provides different opportunities and scope for the businesses. Hence if any of the businesses aim to leverage these advantages, they have to make sure that they know how they can use the internet of things (IoT) to develop an advanced solution for their business. There is an end number of things that must be kept in mind to build a custom app interface. Businesses have to consider various things when it comes to IoT based solution development. But before that, let’s explore some of the lists of IoT platforms that businesses can opt while developing IoT based solutions for their business.

IoT Platform: Check the List to Find Perfect Match for Your Business

Choosing the perfect IoT platform to develop a perfect solution for business is a complex endeavor. Whether you are an IoT experienced developer or a senior executive, the IoT landscape is confusing and massive. Hence it becomes vital for the IoT executives to clear all the complexity by going through a quick and scannable IoT platform that they can consider for developing an advanced solution for their business. There are numerous ways that businesses can consider evaluating IoT platforms as per their business needs, have a quick view to know which are those.

What is the IoT Platform?

In simple language, we can say that an IoT platform is an integrated service, this offers businesses with advanced things that help in bringing physical objects online. It poses the capabilities of supporting millions of device connections and easily allows businesses to configure their devices with machines and have efficient machine-to-machine communication. There are mainly four types of IoT platforms that businesses have to consider for developing advanced IoT based solutions for their business. This type includes:

  • End-to-end IoT Platforms
  • IoT Cloud Platforms
  • Data Platform
  • Connectivity Management Platforms

End-to-End IoT Platforms

End to end IoT platforms avails businesses with hardware, connectivity, software, device management tools, and much more. This platform provides accuracy to handle and control millions of concurrent device connections. It also facilitates businesses to manage integrations that they need, this includes cloud connection, OTA firmware updates, cellular modem, and much more to monitor and connect a fleet of devices online.

Connectivity Management Platforms

This IoT driven platform provides low cost and power connectivity management solutions, this solution is offered with the help of cellular and WiFi technologies. This platform provides support to the different range starting from the connectivity hardware, data routing, cellular networks, and many other features that have to be considered when it comes to developing an advanced solution for business.

IoT Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms help businesses to get rid of various complexity which they face while developing their own complex network stack. It also provides the backend services and other services to track and monitor millions of device connections. This helps businesses to get more production from their business and earn more penny than the previous one.

Data Platform

Each and every type of IoT platform deals with business data in some way. But when it comes to visualizing this data, then this IoT platform requires numerous tools and devices which help them to handle and manage all the more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

IoT Solution Development Process: Know Which One to Follow

In this digital world, it has become vital for businesses to opt for one or another advanced solution for their business. Some of the businesses opt for advanced ready-made solutions available in the market such as eventbrite clone or any other for their business as they know it well that if they want to stay ahead in their business field, then they definitely have to consider developing a technological solution for their business. They can consider one or another technology such as the internet of things (IoT), blockchain, or any other to develop an advanced solution for their business.

Map Out Communication Flow

When it comes to the app development, then it becomes vital for businesses to need to have a detailed map of communication flow, they need to have a detailed map about different equipment and devices which comprise the IoT based network. Make sure to include various information such as:

  • Various types of equipment involved in your IoT network.
  • Detail about different types of a quantity of each device available in your IoT network.
  • Does the machine possess the capabilities to communicate with other machines?
  • Whether machine A is sending data efficiently to machine B?

Once you identify all the information, make sure that you take the same into consideration while developing a mobile application for your business. This will help you to develop an advanced solution that handles a one-of-a-kind IoT network configuration more efficiently and accurately than ever before. And if you have this much information in your hand while developing an advanced solution, then it can help developers to get well-equipped to craft advanced solutions that allow easy and accurate management of IoT systems.

Ending Note

Efforts are made by experts to enable seamless data analysis and exchange between platforms. The cost of IoT systems is also declining day by day as more and more business sectors are stepping ahead for adopting it for their business. In the next few years, the scenario is going to change completely, each and every business activity will be handled and managed with the help of IoT powered solutions.

The technological advancement which we are experiencing today is just the beginning, it can be considered to be the tip of the iceberg. The near future holds immense promise due to technological advancement. The internet of things is steadily and slowly developing the backend of virtually all sectors and businesses who want to stay ahead in today’s competition definitely have to consider opting for advanced technology-based solutions for their business.

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