How Proper SEO Implementation Can Increase Digital Marketing Presence

It can be a challenge deciding how and where you should spend money on digital marketing strategies. With constantly evolving social media platforms, among other factors to consider such as blogs, websites, and email newsletters, you don’t know where to begin!

When you first look at it, yes, it’s quite daunting, but when equipped with relevant knowledge, it doesn’t need to be. This is where SEO implementation comes along, which helps you create a digital marketing presence and results in more successful marketing campaigns.

But how does SEO help? And more importantly, what are the ways to implement SEO in your marketing campaigns? Read on as I answer all your questions!

How SEO Implementation Increases Digital Marketing Presence

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which involves tailoring your website content to appear on search engine results pages. The goal is for your webpages to rank higher and more frequently in your target user’s searches, based on the keyword you want to rank on.

Proper SEO will generate even more clicks, increasing your ranking. But how exactly does this increase your digital marketing presence? Here are the three ways SEO helps:

  1. SEO Builds Your Trust and Credibility

The main goal of experienced SEO is to establish strong foundations for beautiful websites with friendly user experience to be easily discovered thanks to the brand’s trust and credibility. There are various elements that help establish authority in search engines, but SEO is the top way.

When you establish your brand as an authority, it will take a ton of time and commitment, but as you continue with good SEO strategies, you can achieve a better presence and have more customers and prospects stay loyal to your business.

  1. SEO Increases Engagement, Traffic, and Conversions

Local SEO is crucial for business success, which allows people to find you easily and quickly. With local SEO optimization, you can focus on specific cities, regions, states, or towns, so you can establish a relevant medium to spread your brand’s message to the right people.

You can do this by creating a Google My Business listing, social media profiles, as well as encourage customers to review your business on various review sites.

  1. SEO Can Help You Understand Web Environment

As the Web environment constantly changes, it can be tough staying on top and updated. When you understand SEO, it can help keep you in the loop of major changes that take place for search. And when you know the Web environment better, you’ll know what tactics will work and what won’t.

Besides this, high-quality SEO implementation will allow you to discover and leverage new opportunities for your brand to shine. This can increase your digital marketing presence and show everyone who you are, especially because SEO will have you market your brand better to relevant audiences, thanks to top search engines.

How to Increase Your Digital Marketing Presence With SEO

Now that you know why SEO implementation is important, how can you increase your digital presence and get more traffic with SEO? Try to follow these helpful tips:

  1. Begin With Google Search

For those who want to rank even higher in search results, you obviously need to use SEO. Once you’ve built your website or have a new product or service to showcase, then start looking into the best SEO practices and utilize Google Search for a better digital marketing presence.

Start by:

  • Strategically placing keywords in various areas of your website
  • Provide better user experience
  • Publish relevant content regularly


These will increase your website’s credibility, ranking higher on Google and increasing your trust with the audience.

  1. Send Email Newsletters

One of the effective marketing strategies is to send email newsletters to prospects and customers. Since your subscribers have expressed interest in your business, along with the products and services, and gave you their contacts, you can tell them even more.

This gives you the opportunity to share anything noteworthy to them, from deals to new offers. Make sure that it’s relevant to the reader, includes a specific call-to-action, and that you send it in a timely manner.

  1. Use LinkedIn and Facebook More

Consider the types of social media channels you’d like to use to execute your SEO and marketing campaigns. There are a lot of channels to look into now, but Facebook will still be the number one by many. With over two billion active users monthly, you’ll surely be able to spread word about your new business and/or products.

Consider using Facebook Ads Manager to design and execute ads better based on various factors such as gender, locations age, behavior, interests, and demographics.

Besides this, I also recommend that you look into LinkedIn, which is suitable for those focusing on business-to-business. It’s the largest networking website worldwide with almost a billion members! Besides this, you’re also able to implement SEO and post content or advertise through this channel.

  1. Post Videos on YouTube

And lastly, consider going on YouTube, which is ideal for video marketing. There are two billion money users all-round the world, so your videos can be seen by a larger audience. BUT, you have to make sure that your videos will stand out before you actually build a relevant audience.

Pay attention to your analytics, as you would with other marketing channels. Monitor the videos that get the least and most views, as well as your viewers’ basic information. Are your viewers aligning with your target audience and is the subscriber base growing?

Create concrete goals and adjust the information you receive from your YouTube channel accordingly to create interesting videos and be seen on Google Search Results better.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this article on SEO implementation for a better digital marketing presence helped you out. So start learning more about SEO and how you can incorporate it into your campaigns now.

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips on SEO for online presence? Share it in the comments below, your thoughts are much appreciated.

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