How Small Details Can Change Your Appearance

Change Your Appearance

If you want to spruce up your appearance, often the first thing that comes to mind is a makeover. While some may love the idea of a complete overhaul with a drastic haircut and an entirely new wardrobe, it can be expensive, time-consuming, and more than a little scary.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to alter your look noticeably with just a few minor adjustments. Come with us as we explore how small details change your appearance, making it easy to shake up your style for a new and improved you.

Parting Ways

Transform your face instantly and in a matter of seconds by changing the way you part your hair. If you are used to wearing your hair in a middle parting, try mixing it up by flipping it to the side instead. This technique will completely change the way your hair frames your face, giving you a fresh look and making a world of difference.

 See Things Differently

If you wear glasses, another way to transform your look easily is by changing the frames of your spectacles. The style of frames you wear plays a vital role in the way you look, heavier, and darker frames can have a more artistic feel to them, while lighter metal frames will leave you looking more sophisticated. If people know you for always wearing glasses, try wearing a pair of contact lenses instead for a look no one will expect, but everyone will love.

 Whiten and Brighten

Studies show that people perceive others with whiter teeth as being more attractive because it makes them appear more healthy. These days you can whiten your teeth in a variety of ways. Use toothpaste or kits at home or head on over to a professional and let them work their magic to bring a little sparkle back to your smile. Remember though, not to go to crazy with whitening. Over-doing it can leave you looking unnatural and will get attention to your appearance in a negative way.

 Mix Up The Monotone

It is easy to fall into the rut of letting one shade take over our wardrobe, with many of us sticking to the more neutral tones such as grey, black, or white. Adding a pop of colour to your outfit, even in a subtle way, will leave you feeling more vibrant. One of the best ways to do this is by adding a pair of funky socks to the mix. A couple of custom socks from PrintsField that come printed with an image of something or someone you love is a great way to boost confidence and bring a cheeky splash of fun to your everyday look.

Pretty Up Your Pout

Another way to add a dash of colour and transform your face is by adding an intense shade to your lips, mostly if your usual style is based in neutral tones or lashings of lip gloss. A cherry red or a punchy peach lipstick or lip stain will bring new life to your face. Blue-based red lipsticks generally suit all skin tones, and they make your teeth look whiter, a great way to add flattering colour to your look.

Extend Your Locks

Lengthen your locks with hair extensions. There are vast assortments of clip in hair extensions available, in every length and colour imaginable. Transform your short style into long curling tresses, add a bold new shade to your ends, or clip in a set of bangs. When it comes to hair, colour, length, and style all play a large role in the way your face is framed. Bangs can add drama to a look, while long, feathered layers soften a square jaw, making it simple to change up the way you look daily.

Get Back on Pointe

There is something about a pointed shoe that brings a touch of sophistication to a look. Whether you choose flats or heels, pointy shoes mean business. These stylish pairs of footwear not only make you look like you command a room, but they make you feel that way too. Having a couple of power shoes does a lot to boost the way you see yourself and with this pep in your step comes a straighter back, a head held high, and a radiance that only confidence could inspire.

Bold In Blue

Black eyeliner has taken centre stage for years, neatly securing its place in the category of timeless makeup traditions. This staple is usually the go-to for most ladies, making it easily a classic look. So why not add sparkle to your eyes with a sweep of deep blue instead? The subtle blue tones make the whites of your eyes appear whiter, making your eyes instantly look bigger and brighter. If mascara is more your thing, then try coating your lashes in a deep sapphire blue. This shade is dark enough to provide you with great definition still but will freshen up your everyday look too.

 Brows, Brows, Brows

A pair of strong brows will change up your look, for the better. Shape up your brows by filling in sparse patches with a pencil and keep them neat with a dark-tinted eyebrow gel to ensure each hair stays in place. The result? Perfectly shaped arches that enhance your new style and leave you looking and feeling like a million bucks.

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