How Social Platforms Like ConnectPal Help You Build Engaging Personal Brand


A practice that once seemed somewhat pretentious, building a personal brand on social media has evolved into a necessary marketing tactic for businesses who want to reach their audience on a more intimate level.  In addition to wanting to know about a company’s brand, audiences want to know the people behind the brand.

As personal branding builds trust, people want to buy products and services from someone they know.  Albeit, it’s impossible for your entire audience to know you on a personal level; however, a personal brand can make them more comfortable with you.

Here are some proven tactics that will help you to get the most out of your social media strategy.

 Engaging content

 Providing useful content is the most important component of social media, and the more of it the better.  When your audience can connect to the content that you’ve created, whether it’s a blog or video, they get a true idea of your personality.  The interaction creates loyal followers who will keep coming back for more.

A good starting point is to research the questions people want answered and the problems they  face within your industry.  Find topics where you can add fresh insight and advice, and avoid  reiterating the same things that are already out there.

Reevaluate your accounts

Chances are you’ve been an established member of social media for several years, so it may be a good time to modernize your profiles to showcase your personal brand.  An effective social media account should contain completed and accurate information with a profile picture that’s professional and inviting.  Update your profile on Facebook to include current information and colorful visuals.

Additionally, using services like ConnectPal provides a specific and well-laid out platform where the site is easy to navigate and interface is user friendly and inviting.  ConnectPal offers a social marketplace where monthly subscriptions are purchased to various creator’s channels and profiles, thereby creating access to new content and the individuals who make it.

Be positive

 It should go without saying that you should avoid posting negative content.  Remember, your personal social media profile is an online resume to outsiders who are turning to it to get a better picture of what you stand for.  Avoid political or religious commentary and avoid writing anything that could come across as derogatory.


 Consistency allows your audience to get close to you and becomes more important the more social networks you’re on.  For instance, you don’t want to have one persona on one channel and a completely different persona on another.  Your audience should have a seamless experience no matter what network they are viewing you on. Keep the same picture and general tone and message the same on all profiles.

Join groups

From LinkedIn to Twitter and ConnectPal, you’ll find a number of groups geared toward your industry or brand.  Research which ones best fit you and join them.  This can help you get new ideas, ask for valuable feedback and expand your skills.  Try to post often and engage with others in the group.  This will help others to get to know you and could result in more engagement on your own profile.

Having a personal brand that accurately represents you and your business has become more important than ever.  It builds trust, connection and credibility, and it also emphasizes your strengths giving you the confidence you need while you are developing your brand.

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