How Technology Has Transformed Our lives?

Technology has changed our lives in multiple ways. It serves as a powerful source for productivity, travelling, communication, lifestyle, and much more. Almost all industries have been influenced by it and one cannot imagine life without a diverse range of modern gadgets.

It has changed the way people work and live. Modern technology introduced new functional devices like smartwatch and smartphone. There are now powerful devices found which are employed in modern houses such as smart Wi-Fi, security cameras, Alexa, and remote control devices.

If you search for tech stores near me on the internet, you will be surprised by the number of stores that will appear on your screen and the countless devices they are dealing in as well. With all the revolutions and accessibility it has made our life easier, better, and worth living.

How technology has transformed our lives?

It has brought many revolutionary changes and is found everywhere. Although it brings some cons to it as well but the pros even more. Let us have a look at some of its powerful benefits …


In recent years communication has improved a lot. We have a lot of information readily available at our fingertips. Gone are the days when we used to write letters to our relatives that lives are millions of miles away. Nowadays we can talk to them directly over an audio call and see them through a video call. Instant messaging also helps us to quickly share any information. This has changed the communication in all the relationships around the globe.

Many social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter are also an essential part of our life. These allow us to share, send, receive, and save the information anytime anywhere to anyone in the world. To these platforms we can share photos, videos, documents, audios, and much more.

For example, if you upload a picture on Facebook. It stays there forever, people can react to it by writing their comments and seeing it. It means that you can store these photos in the form of memories.


When it comes to health and medicine, there are now medicines and treatments available for almost all the diseases. If we compare it with the past, there were no vaccinations or medicines for some contagious diseases. Moreover the concept of a fitness tracker, modern surgical equipment, and techniques being employed to generate artificial body parts into place were also unimaginable.

If we see today, fitness trackers are everywhere that allow one to find out how effective they are. The everyday progress encourages one to focus more on fitness and stay active. Apple watch is one of the best-selling fitness trackers which involves many competitions & points at a certain level.

We now have a cure in medicine for all age groups irrespective of gender. Someone who has faith is more likely to be cured and come back to normal life than someone in the past.


In the current era everything is automatic, from turning on light to driving cars. We can do much more and perform multiple tasks in just a little span of time. If we take the examples of smart homes, you can order your coffee maker through your voice to prepare a coffee for you while getting ready for your office. Similarly you can tell Siri or Alexa to play songs for the recent news for you while you are busy getting dressed.

Moreover transportation is also very much quicker. Airplanes cover the distance of weeks in days and the one needs days in hours. Also instead of a horse carriage to go to some place within the city you can Rush down the highway in a car.


Education has also changed incredibly. Modern technology helps us to discover a lot of books, educational journals, research papers, and a lot more thorough multifunctional devices. It has also opened doors for modern research leading to some innovative inventions.

Before the advent of technology you had to search through encyclopedias to understand any term but now multiple dictionary applications help you to search them quickly through the internet. Google and many search engines are helping beyond words to practically find anything on the internet.

Future Horizon

If we predict life in the next 10 years, there is no denying that technology will be even more advanced and we will continue to revolutionize our life in different ways. We are expecting driverless cars for the future in robots to replace humans in different factories. It means that the future life will be much more transformed yet unbelievable.

We will also see some important advancements in safety when it comes to smart home and medical devices. Military, architecture, health and communication are the main areas we are seeing the transformation in future.

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