How the Internet Has Changed Over the Past Decade

The internet has changed drastically over the past decade. Things that were once nonexistent are being used daily by individuals and families alike. Many of these changes have improved our lives immensely. The good news is that with these incredible changes comes bigger and better things in the future. It’s exciting to imagine what the next 10 years will bring in terms of technologies and life-changing advancements.


Cryptocurrency truly took off since 2009, with the development of bitcoin. Bitcoin dominated the past decade and is still the most popular form of cryptocurrency available. A recent study at Betway Online suggested that since its initial development, bitcoin has increased by a whopping 62,500 per cent from its initial 0.08 per coin. Because of its popularity, bitcoin is accepted as a valid form of payment at a number of different merchants and online retailers.

Streaming Services

Over a decade ago, you were either watching your satellite or cable television or a DVD. Now that it’s the turn of a new decade, streaming services are all the rage. These services enable you to watch movies, shows, sports and videos on phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Some companies charge nothing for the service they offer, while others charge a monthly subscription fee to get started. It’s no surprise that the sale of DVD’s has gone down tremendously over the past few years and that many families are ditching cable altogether in place of internet service alone.

Social Media

While social media was around before 2010, it has been able to change, morph and blossom over the past 10 years. This is due to the influx of people using these platforms and sites. Billions now use social media every single day as a way to talk to friends, keep up with family and share ideas. These sites have become a great source of entertainment and can be accessed on virtually any device. Creating an account is typically free, and you can share as much or as little information as you want to keep people connected with your life.

Cloud Computing

Before the invention of cloud computing, you had to hope that you saved information to a zip drive or other downloadable source. Thankfully, everything you buy, post and do online is stored and saved in the cloud. This virtual filing cabinet has all of your information in one convenient location. This means that you can access the same data regardless of the device you’re using as well as recover lost information if an older gadget has broken or stopped working.

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