How to Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

When anyone deliberately slows down your internet speed, this is known as bandwidth throttling. Anyone with network management rights who restricts the amount of usable bandwidth is practicing bandwidth throttling. The perpetrator of censorship is typically the internet service provider or mobile carrier.

The great news is that a super simple and effective way of avoiding bandwidth throttling is by installing a VPN on your phone or computer. But let’s first ascertain why your internet service providers may practice bandwidth throttling and reduce your speed and internet experience.

Why do ISPs throttle bandwidth? 

You might think the practice of bandwidth throttling is a little unfair, and you wouldn’t be wrong in some instances. But it’s something we have to live with if we’re beholden to the restrictions imposed by our ISPs. The main reasons your ISP restricts your bandwidth is because of:

  • Network congestion:During peak hours of internet usage, your ISP might decide to throttle everyone’s internet in a particular area to ensure everyone can browse.
  • Data usage exceeded: Towards the end of your billing cycle, you might notice your bandwidth speed reducing. This is because your ISP has limited how much high-speed data you’re able to use within one month.
  • Paid prioritization:Your ISP may throttle bandwidth when you use particular applications that use a lot of data, such as streaming services like Netflix. This is essential to discourage you from using a specific service and switching to another.
  • Forbidden activities:Perhaps the most straightforward reason to understand, your ISP will restrict your bandwidth if you’re doing anything illegal online.

If you are like many people and use the internet for streaming videos or torrenting, the chances are you may have been affected by bandwidth throttling in the past. Let’s take a look at how you can avoid it in the future and ensure you always have access to the content you wish to see.

How can I avoid bandwidth throttling?

The best way to avoid bandwidth throttling is to download a virtual private network (VPN). If you’re worried about the thought of using a VPN, don’t be, it’s very common practice. In fact, in 2020, VPN usage shot to a high of 27%, resulting from a significant increase in work from home orders and several other reasons.

VPNs work by encrypting all internet traffic on your device, as it routes it through a server in your chosen region. As a result, your ISP is unable to see the contents of your web traffic because it’s encrypted, and the server hides the traffic’s destination. It ensures your bandwidth won’t be throttled due to network congestion or paid prioritization, as your content will be hidden from your ISP.

How do I select the right VPN? 

There are so many VPNs available to download that you must do your research and pick one that is reliable, affordable, and packed with features. To ensure you select one of the highest performing VPNs on the market, go for a superior VPN service, and you will be confident that it offers unrivaled security, excellent usability, and premium access to your desired sites.

What are some other benefits of using a VPN? 

While VPNs are the ideal way to stop bandwidth throttling, they also offer lots of other benefits when it comes to browsing the web and using applications. The most notable benefits of utilizing a VPN include:

  • They secure your network: VPNs prevent individuals, software, and web browsers from analyzing your data and using it to target you with ads.
  • They protect you from hackers:Thanks to the encryption features of a VPN, your private information is protected from would-be hackers, ensuring important personal information like banking details and passwords are safely stored.
  • They allow you to access geo-blocked services: In some parts of the world, particular applications or websites are blocked. VPNs allow you to access these sites by using an alternative IP address, which means you can get around the block and get the information you need.


There’s no getting away from it; bandwidth throttling is frustrating. If you don’t take action, there’s very little you can do to stop ISPs from meddling with your bandwidth. By installing a trusted, reliable, and high-performing VPN, you can take back control and ensure your bandwidth isn’t restricted while at the same time increasing the security and accessibility of your device.

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