How to buy 50 YouTube likes cheap

By now, you should already know the importance of having a lot of YouTube likes on your videos. And if you have been reading our previous articles, you should know the damages that can happen to your account by buying from the wrong site.

If you have decided to buy from Stormviews, then you have made the right choice. We are well known for delivering genuine likes from real accounts and not click farms.

All our packages have 100% high retention; we have different packages for different stages of YouTube spotlight and promotional needs.

In this article, I will be guiding you step by step on how to buy YouTube likes to attract massive exposure for your videos. For as little as $4.99, you can get 50 cheap YouTube likes!

Step 1: Click on this link OR at the top right corner, hover your cursor over the SERVICES tab.


Step 2: Click on the BUY YOUTUBE LIKES option from the drop-down menu that pops.


Step 3: Scroll down to Our YouTube Likes Packages.

Here you can select whichever number of likes you need from the cheap rate packages
50 Likes at $4.99
100 Likes at $9.99
250 Likes at $14.99

When you have made your choice, click on the PURCHASE tab.
For example:
If you want to buy the cheap 50 likes for $4.99, click on the purchase tab in that section.


To take maximum advantage of the cheap rate of likes, you should purchase BULK Likes.
To do this, scroll down a little bit further till you see the below screen:
Here you can buy a whopping 500 likes for $29.99 OR 1000 likes for $49.99.





If you purchase the 1000 likes, you would be saving yourself $9.99.

After you have decided on your preferred option and clicked the purchase tab, it will take you to the checkout page.

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