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How to Choose the Best AC in India?

In India we have long summers and it starts shortly right after March. To beat the scorching heat in months between March and May needs better planning and it can extend till October. It is obvious that we need an Air conditioner to keep the temperature under check but opting for a bad AC variant can be equally annoying. When you are planning to buy one this summer, you are supposed to look for a multitude of factors before zeroing in on a single AC variant or brand. But how exactly are you going to choose an AC in a country like India? We have major players, both from within the country and international. This is a hot tropical country with temperatures touching 48 degrees in a few places in the peak summer. Thus, before you set out to buy an AC, make sure you keep these things in mind before you proceed to by a new one.

 What Type of Air Conditioner would you like to have?

There are a multitude of Air conditioners types available in the market with different purposes. The first step to choose the best AC is to understand which type of AC is needed. You need to know about different ACs like Portable AC, Split AC or Window AC. The Portable AC is very similar to a cooler and it requires no installation like a fixed AC. It is a great choice for someone who keeps moving places a lot. They are cheaper than others and can cool spaces. But the only thing is that they create maximum noise of all types of AC.

Window air conditioners are economical and they are best for small rooms. They are easy to maintain and they do not need to refill the gas in the compressor like a split AC. A split AC is used for larger spaces and they make very low noise. They do not need a window frame to be installed and they consume lesser power too.

 What is the AC Capacity would you like?

Now that you have decided which type of AC you want, you should now select what capacity you need. The capacity of the AC is dependent on the size of the room. You need to understand that if you don’t choose the right capacity, you may pay higher electricity bills or maybe the AC cannot help cool the room efficiently. Hence, decide which AC is better to cool the size of the room. 1-ton AC can be perfect for room size which is up to 130 sq. ft.  You can find more when you research about which AC you want to buy. The ideal AC capacity can be found otherwise too. The ceiling of the room can also determine which kind of capacity you require.

 Does the AC have Energy Efficient Ratings?

Air conditioners (AC) consume a lot of electricity and to save some energy, you need to buy that have been given energy efficiency ratings by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). If you are purchasing an energy-efficient AC, the price would be higher but you can always choose based on the number of times you are going to use your AC. So, the 5-star AC is the ultimate one but if you are using the Ac for only a couple of hours then a 3-star AC would do a decent job too.

 Choose the AC with inverter technology

Well, the inverter technology in the AC means that the compressor is running during the entire hours of the operation at a different speed. The non-inverter AC has their compressor switching their modes. They go on from ON to OFF mode. When you use an Inverter AC, it cools faster and is more consistent than the others. The inverter AC consumes lesser electricity too.

Cooling Speed of the AC

 The cooling speed of the AC is determined by the condenser coils and these work by converting the gas refrigerant to liquid refrigerant and then reverse when needed. They are made of metals Copper or Aluminum. You should opt for copper coils because they are known to help cool faster and they are not as corrosive as the Aluminum ones. They have high coil strength too. Hence, most of the air conditioners come with copper condenser coils. The aluminum coil air conditioners (AC) are cheaper than the copper ones.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of optional features you can check while taking an AC. For instance, an anti-bacterial filter, dust filter, cooling and heating, dehumidifier, sleep mode, smart Wi-Fi connectivity, Auto-cleaning function are some you can look for. You can also book an AC for yourself based on the budget and the company you lie in. You need to look into the brand value so as to get timeless service by them.

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