How to Choose the Best Health Fund

What do you think about when you think of health funds? High premiums, greedy health care insurers, and limited health resources come to mind? You’re not the only one. Health funds don’t have to be this way, though. They can be affordable and could protect your family during tough times. If you’re on the lookout for better health care, here are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing the best health fund for your needs.

Look at what your employer offers.

In some countries, employers take it upon themselves to provide insurance to their employees, taking parts of their paychecks to cover the costs of premiums. That’s not the case everywhere, though. If your lucky to have health care offered through your company, you can consider pursuing that for your health-related needs. If you work for a business that expects you to seek out your own medical aid, you’ll need to find a health fund on your own. You can also opt to go with a private plan even if your employer offers their own.

Consider what type of plan you will need.

That being said, not all employer-offered or personally sought-out health insurance plans cover all of your needs as an individual. Maybe you’re single and have pre-existing conditions or are a parent with dependents. Either way, each individual has their own medical needs that must be covered by a comprehensive insurance plan. Doing some research on the plans that will fit your needs is the best way to ensure you’re covered through any medical or health-related event. Some important items you may need covered include hospital, ambulatory, and general treatment coverage. You can compare health funds with iSelect.

Consider what services you will actually use.

Aside from considering what you’ll need out of your health fund, consider what health services you hope to use. For instance, most people should plan to see a dentist every six months, but not every person follows through on this. After you’ve thought about the different medical procedures you’ll need covered regularly, consider the ones you’ll likely partake in for your general health and well-being. And if you’re more concerned with cutting premium costs and focusing on your direct needs, find a plan that caters to that as well.

Do you want to go public or private?

In all health care systems around the world, there are options in both the public and private sectors for health insurance. For example, Australia has a universal health care system in place that allows everyone to be covered by publicly funded, government-run insurers. If this route doesn’t fit your needs, you could search for your own plan in the private sector. You can check the differences between the two and compare health funds with iSelect.

Check your plan’s ratings.

Most countries offer the opportunity for customers to rate their experience with a specific plan or insurance provider. You don’t have to just go on Yelp to see if people like a plan; now you can look up your potential plan on most search engines and find immediate results about what people thought. Take some time during your research to read about how these plans affected other people. Did they cover their health-related needs in dire situations? Or did they leave them with a hefty bill? A plan that has overwhelmingly positive reviews from previous and current customers will likely stick up for you in medical emergencies.

Health insurance isn’t always a fun topic, but it doesn’t have to be a major headache. Comparing options and seeing which ones fit your needs is easier now than ever!


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