How To Choose the Right Policy Term for Your Term Insurance Plan?

There are several term insurance policies in the market, but choosing one among them is definitely a challenging task. You must know the essential criteria to choose the right term plan; it includes term insurance policy duration, coverage and premiums. It doesn’t matter from whom you’re buying the term insurance policy; it is just that it needs to be suitable as per your budget and family’s future requirement. You can make the right choice with the correct information about the term insurance.

Here in this article, we have mentioned all the procedures you must follow in choosing the correct term policy for your requirements. Starting with the basics, that is, the term insurance meaning. Read and know about it in detail.

What is a Term Insurance Policy?

There was a relatively simple framework for term insurance plans when they were first offered. There are several types of these plans, and premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually, providing coverage for up to 75 years. Many term insurance policies are offered today, including restricted payout policies, rising cover policies, sequential payout policies, and return of premium policies.

So the real question is how to choose the proper term life insurance policy.

How to Choose the Correct Policy Term for Term Insurance?

We are hereby listing some of the essential factors which will help in choosing the correct policy term for term insurance.

  • Make the proper estimate of the current and future costs

Determine your needs and the level of term insurance you want. If you were to incur an unexpected debt, your term insurance coverage should take a broad look at how much money your dependents would need to be able to support themselves.

Calculate the monthly costs of your dependent household and multiply them by 150. This 150-fold multiple considers future inflation and is a helpful place to start. Include your spending for significant life milestones anticipated to occur during the following 15 years, such as your children’s further education or marriage, as well as other costs. All these factors can help you determine how many terms of insurance coverage to seek.

  • Estimate how much overall coverage you need

Establish the duration of your term plan. It’s critical to decide at what age you require the insurance after determining how much coverage you require. Choosing too short a term could result in your insurance expiring before you’ve paid off all your debts. Moreover, a long tenure will result in a higher premium for you, so make sure it’s not too long.

Identifying the appropriate tenure for your term insurance plan is an effective method to determine by what year your liquid net worth will exceed the life insurance necessary, which we had previously determined.

  • Check the claim settlement ratio while buying the term plan

Claim settlement ratios are highly regarded to measure how well insurance claims are resolved. You must note that the claim settlement ratio is simply a guide. If it is greater than 95%, it indicates that the firm has been highly effective at settling claims. It doesn’t take much digging to determine who has 99% and 98.5% ratios.


Buying term insurance is one of the key necessities in these uncertain times. Be it the Instaprotect plan of Tata AIA life insurance company or any other term insurance policy, it is very crucial to decide the right policy term for a term insurance plan. Now that our readers are well aware of this, they can take an informed decision and choose the right term plan and tenure accordingly.

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