How To Download And Install Google Wifi App Into Your Computer

To manage your OnHub devices and other Google Wifi products easily, you need a special app designed for it. There’s an official software made by Google Corp called “Google Wifi App”.

This software can drastically help you to manage your network easily. For example, there are multiple devices connected to your Wifi access point, but most of them are hogging the resources and you cannot browse the internet or play an online game properly.

With the Google Wifi app, you can create a rule. You can set your own smartphone or tablet to the highest priority. In that way, you will be given the highest available bandwidth so you cannot feel the slowdown of your network even with multiple devices are connected to it.

This is just one of the great features of the Google Wifi app. The other useful benefit of this software includes parental control for your kids or anyone connected to it. You can pause their connection so you can control their usage time. It also allows you to remotely change the SSID or password of your Google Wifi devices.

Since this software was made exclusively for iOS and Android devices, some people are wondering if there’s a way to download and install the Google Wifi app for Windows Operating System or Mac.

The answer is yes, but this involves the installation of a tool called an Android emulator. As of now, this is the only way to run it because there’s no installer exclusively for the Windows and Mac available.

If you want to use this method, make sure that your computer or laptop has decent specs for running it. You can refer to the next topic for the minimum requirements of an emulator program.

What Are The Requirements Of Emulator Program?

An emulator program may not require your computer to be monstrous or very high. But it is always a good idea to check if your PC complies with it to prevent some future issues.

Check the following and install its software requirements in case you are using a Windows Operating System for emulating the Google Wifi app.

  • Most emulator program requires that you have a fast processor that can run above the 1 GHz speed. Modern computers nowadays can run it so you don’t have to worry if you have a recently built computer.
  • It requires the memory of your computer to have a 2 GB installed or better. Again, if your PC is modern, it has a higher chance that you have more than its minimum requirements.
  • You need to make sure that you have a free space before you download and install it. Usually, a 10 GB or better is enough already.
  • For software requirements, it needs you to have an OpenGL and DirectX installed on your system. These are usually bundled with the driver package of a Graphical Processing Unit or GPU.
  • Some emulator program also requires that you have an installed .Net Framework and also the Visual C++ Redistributable. The installer of the following can be found from the website of Microsoft.
  • An optional method that might interest you is to enable the virtualization, this can be found from the BIOS menu. Emulator programs can run without it but it is suggested that you turn it on for performance boost.

What Emulator You Should Use For Running The Google Wifi Software

Almost any popular android emulator can be used for emulating Google Wifi. However, we recommend that you download and use the Nox Player instead.

This emulator is fast and preferred by many gamers around the world. Even though it is favorable with gamers, running apps like Google Wifi can be done here as well.

Start searching for this emulator installer from the internet and save it to your computer. Launch it and follow the indicated instruction of it.

After you finished the installation, launch the Nox Player and open the Google Play app. Enter your Gmail account to start the Play Store.

Now, search for the Google Wifi app and after you found it, click the “Install” button. Be patient while waiting for it. Go back to the home menu of Nox Player and you will be able to see the Google Wifi in here.

Click this icon to start it and finally, you can now enjoy using this software from your computer or laptop to start managing the device connected to it.

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