How to Fill N1 Punch Card in Fortnite

If you are a player that is dedicated to improving themselves, then you are probably familiar with the Fortnite punch cards. Perhaps you like to keep a Fortnite tracker handy to keep tabs on your progression, or you might just enjoy completing challenges. Either way, Fortnite punch cards can be a valuable way for you to spend your time in the game.

The trouble is that filling these Fortnite punch cards out isn’t always very clear cut. In this instance, we are looking at the N1 punch card, which can be quite difficult to complete, especially alone. To finish this particular N1 punch card, you will also want to take a look at how each vehicle in the game handles if you haven’t done so already.

How to Clear the Punch Card in Fortnite

In order to complete this punch card, you will need to find a vehicle to drive in. You can easily find a pick-up truck or Fortnite car around areas like Retail Row and Salty Springs. Once you have one, you should then find a partner if it’s possible to get in the car with you. After that, it’s time for you to cover some ground, as you will need to cover 25,000 meters in the game.

Typically, you are going to need a partner for this, unless there is a very, very slim chance that an enemy is willing to comply with you and gets in the Fortnite car without murdering you. Your goal is to ferry someone this distance as the Chauffer punch card proves difficult to play without others.

Other Fortnite Driving Challenges

Since cars are the new feature in Fortnite, you should expect more challenges to be based around using these vehicles. Another challenge revolved around driving from Retail Row to Pleasant Place in four minutes for example, so that’s the kind of Fortnite challenges you are probably going to be facing in the near future.

Ideally, you will want to improve these Fortnite stats by completing the Fortnite challenges as quickly as you can, since new updates often go hand in hand with these new introductions. With new updates, we often see issues such as glitching, which can in turn interrupt your progress when trying to complete a Fortnite Battle Royale challenge. This was evident recently when Epic Games were made to disable boats in the game, due to a couple of glitches that were greatly affecting the game itself. With that in mind, we will have to hope that we don’t experience the same thing with Fortnite cars.

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