How to Fix: Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

Nowadays, the office laptop is inevitable part of people’s living rooms, bedrooms because most of all companies allow performing objectives from worker’s home. There are different jobs, where employee needs to travel and work from hotels, cafes, conferences.  And COVID-19 also affects on all organizations in the world. They are advising their stuff to work from home. The key part of all corporate networks is laptop. It stores the majority of organization data. And as we all know – information is more important than anything else. In this case employees must be very careful and take all risks into account.  This holds great responsibility.  If laptop will be infected by program infection because of using unsafe network, it could destroy a company from the inside. In incorrect hands data could damage company’s reputation. It will lead organization to money loss. And you even can miss the fact that your laptop infected, so you will lose chance to take any measures.

One of the most popular office laptop applications is Microsoft Outlook. It is very useful for communication between workers and clients. This program allows exchanging information and data, planning and scheduling conferences.

But in using of Microsoft Outlook (as in all software) you can face different error notifications. One day, after application launch, you can see next screen messages:

  • Outlook data file cannot be accessed.
  • The operation failed. An object could not be found.

If you try to find a solution for this notification in technical support, you will see following list of reasons:

  • Corruption of the Outlook profile file
  • Wrong data of configuration
  • Error in synchronization between client and server
  • Troubles with internet connection
  • Viruses

Now we would imagine that you must solve this problem by yourself, because there is no technical support around.

What Outlook data file cannot be accessed means? And what should we do with it?  This notification telling us, that Microsoft Outlook can’t connect to your mailbox. There are several reasons of this issue: malware attacks, HDD problems or power outage.

First of all you should check your laptop on the presence of viruses.

Another advice is making backups. It allow you backup working version of program, if some troubles occurred.

How to solve this error

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook the key for solving this error. You should visit official site of Microsoft Outlook. After reading of necessary article’s, problem will be solved in an hour.

Inbox Repair Tool

Developers of Microsoft Outlook suggest free program named Inbox Repair Tool, which can solve different errors of it. And you don’t need to search and download it from the Internet, because it is part of Microsoft Outlook installation. You just need to launch it.

But even Repair tool can’t solve all the problems. So that’s why there are a lot of different programs and tools, which helps with repairing of email. They all have only one disadvantage – their price. But as we said above – information and data costs more than anything. So price of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook (50$) no longer looks so high.

You shouldn’t run and purchase license right now, because, first of all, you should try and check free trial version of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook. Another advantage of this program, that it provides previewing of messages and rebuild structure of mailbox. All this features help you to save money, time and space in memory. There is no need to save all file, because you can always open it and make screenshot of necessary information like phone numbers, passwords, or bank account information. You must pay for this application only if you want to save new structure of recreated mailbox for future sessions.

You should start from the next steps:

  • Downloading of the latest version of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook from official web-site:
  • Installing program.
  • Running the program to start repairing.
  • Choosing disabled mailbox from list, which performs notification: “Outlook data cannot be accessed”.
  • Starting restoring of mailbox and waiting for results.
  • Saving results (only if license purchased).

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook will work on all versions of Microsoft Outlook on laptops running operation system Windows. You mustn’t be connected to the Internet, it can even harm. If fear of losing personal information sending via the application is too powerful, you can shut down all network connections, to exclude any doubt. But this ability isn’t optional, because you can limit application by using firewall.

If you don’t want to install anything or the license looks too expensive? You can find a cheaper one for just $10 for one gigabyte for storing information. This is solution proposed by online repairing systems. And there is no limit on using it: you can run service even from your mobile phone! All you need is stable and fast internet connection.

You have to stick following steps:

  • Open official online link:
  • Open a local HDD to upload broken file of *.pst format.
  • Provide all information.
  • Make payment.
  • Download repaired file.
  • Open it in Microsoft Outlook.

But we would not advise using online services for those who are scared enough about privacy of their data and information. Because no one knows how competitors can intercept valuable information. And all guarantees of private policy cannot make you relax. In this reason you should better install offline version; in this case, the data will not leave your computer. But despite this risks, service is very useful for majority of people. How much could you lose of you cannot reply in time? And also you can have an accident when you don’t remember some important information, such as phone numbers, lists etc. Or maybe you need to prove your identity for some money transfer operation? In all this situations broken mailbox can cause critical damage. Does it cost these $10$ Maybe you could look for a free solution and lose one more hour, a day or even two? Feel free to decide yourself. And do not forget about a backup, it is the most reliable thing to protect your data and I am not talking about e-mail only.

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