How to Get the Most Out of Your USB Flash Drive

Inspired by the recent technological advancements, USB drives are quickly becoming essential—especially to those using computers. Designed to store a large volume of information, USB drives are increasingly becoming popular in the modern digital world. Portable. Easy to use. Secure. USB drives have so much to offer. So, don’t be left behind. Get your USB drive today and store your information securely. The following are clever ways of making the most of your drive.

Carry It to Your Workspace

Nowadays, employees, business owners, and executives have a lot of information to store. Flash discs will help you store a large volume of information. They are highly portable—making them ideal for storying workplace information. Easy to carry, USB flash drives can make employees more productive. So, conduct your research. Choose a flash disk from a reputable company. Go for flash drives with enough space.

Hidden Drives

Hidden USB drive, which is normally concealed within USB cables, are secretive and confidential. This means that you can play your music from these drives without being noticed. There are several options out there. Conduct your research before choosing a flash drive.

Creating Autorun Programs

You can use a flash disk to launch a program. Of course, this use is rare. However, its finding traction in more and more applications. Here, you store a program on your USB disk. Once inserted into a computer, the program will run automatically. Thus, if you are planning to launch a big program, use a USB flash disk to help you.

Prevent Auto-Runs

Autoruns can be annoying. However, you can use a USB flash drive to stop these auto-run programs. Thus, you can stop threats from invading your computer. For example, it can instruct the computer to open to view before executing auto-run files. Keep your computer away from threats by investing in a USB flash drive. It will help stop the automatic running of programs—a key step towards ensuring the security of your computer.

Recover Lost or Stolen USB Drive

One of the main reasons why USB flash drives are indispensable is because they are portable. However, they can be stolen, forgotten, or lost. Luckily, you can recover your USB drive via another drive. You can also retrieve information in these drives. These flash drives come with launcher apps as well as built-in antivirus apps that can help you retrieve your saved files.

Lock and Unlock Your Computer

One of the best things about USB flash drives is that they can help you safeguard your information. You can use flash drives to lock and unlock your Pc. This means that nobody can interfere with your information when you are away. There are several programs online that can help you lock your computer using your USB flash drive. Conduct your research before settling on a particular program.

Bootable USB Disk

Certain notebooks don’t have DVD drives. Still more, your DVD drive may be damaged. This can greatly inconvenience you. A bootable USB disk helps you store your windows safely. This means that you can easily boot your computer from these disks without any issues.  There are several tools online that let you store windows on the disk. Choose a reputable tool and store your windows safely.

Run an OS

You can carry out OS installation from a USB-based disk. This means that you can troubleshoot any problem with your PC. You can run Windows XP from your USB drive and make your PC whole again.

Running Website, Standalone Applications

You can also run a website application from your USB drive. For instance, standalone applications like Server2Go can be run from a USB drive. This eliminates the extra work of having to configure Apache, PHP, as well as MySQL. With these apps, you can easily create PHP applications and websites on USB sticks. Thus, you can count on your USB drive to develop features like web software, calculation-based program, CBS image campaigns, and training lessons. Also, you can use your USB drive to run content management systems such as Joomla.

Encrypt Your Files

Nowadays, you don’t have to confine yourself in an office. Some work can be done from home. All you need is a USB flash disk. However, this exposes your company’s information to hackers and viruses. That’s why you should have all documents in the USB drive encrypted. What this means is that someone needs enough permission to access this information. If your company deals with sensitive information, you can use your USB drive to encrypt the information. Here, a strong password will be created—prompting anyone who wants to access the information to have sufficient permission to do so.


When it comes to the storage of information, having sufficient and reliable backup takes center stage. With backup, you can be sure of hassle-free information retrieval in case there is a problem. There are several utilities you can use to create a backup system for any USB flash drive. Conduct your research and choose a tool that’s secure and easy to use.

Enhance Windows Experience

At times, windows can run slowly. This can make your work slower. However, you can use a USB drive to speed up windows. For instance, Windows Vista, as well as Windows 7, come with

in-built features that act ass Windows ReadyBoost. Here, you can use these features to boost the speed of these windows—which helps you accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Reset Your Disk

There are certain windows, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc. that let you create a password for resetting the disk via a USB drive. Leverage this feature to secure your disk. There are several resources online that can help you accomplish this task. Read these resources and secure your PC today!

Hide Files, Folders

You can hide sensitive files on your USB drive. There are several tools that can help you hide these files. Read guides online on how to hide sensitive files on your USB drive.

Arase Info from Hard Disk

When selling your computer, it’s important to erase all the information in it. However, this can be challenging. However, with a USB drive, you can erase all the information on the disk. Thus, your private information won’t land in the wrong hands.

Resuscitate Virus-Ridden Computer System

Viruses can create havoc within your computer. At times, reviving a virus-ridden computer system isn’t easy. In fact, you may give up on that system. Luckily, you can use a USB drive to revive such a system. Use AVG rescue software to get rid of these viruses. All you need is to load this software into your system. It can help inject fresh life into your system.

Running Portable Applications, Games, Utilities

A USB drive is extremely portable. This makes it ideal for those looking to run portable applications, games, well as utilities. Thus, applications like Firefox, Chrome, and OpenOffice can be loaded into your USB drive and run on your computer or PC.

Try Linux Software

Want to try Linux but don’t want to overwrite your system? Well, use a USB drive. With a USB drive, you have the easiest way to boot Linux and try it without affecting your current system. The process is easy and straightforward. There are several tutorials out there to help you try Linux using your USB drive. Do your homework well.

Window Maintenance

Window maintenance is an important aspect when it comes to the care of your computer. Things like resetting passwords, cloning the system, and partitioning your disk are extremely important. A USB drive can help you accomplish these tasks without any difficulties. All you need is to use Parted Magic—it will help you accomplish these tasks quickly and efficiently.

Promotional Items

Wholesale flash drives can be excellent promotional items. You can have them branded before giving them away. This gives you an effective marketing platform. With promotional items in USB drives, you can easily reach more customers, maintain loyal clients, and penetrate the market. It’s important to note that promotional items are not expensive. However, don’t go for cheap promotional items. Go for quality USB drives. Select the right branding company. Take your promotional USB drives to the right people.

Play Games

Games are becoming more popular, especially among teens. However, that doesn’t mean that anybody cannot play games. It’s important to note that games take large spaces. Installing games on your PC can reduce its efficiency. In particular, it can interfere with the speed of your computer. That’s why you need extra space to play your favorite games. Luckily, this space is provided by USB drives. Packed with huge spaces (in gigabytes), you can use your USB drive to store and play games. Whether it’s chess, FIFA pro, etc., USB drives got you covered. Purchase a good USB drive and enjoy your favorite game today!

Go Anonymous

Privacy is what makes people love modern technology. A good operating system should guarantee you privacy anywhere. That’s why you need those Trails on your computer. You can use a USB drive to run trails on your computer—making your online activity private and secure. You will conduct your business online anonymously. Your OS won’t be tracked. This is not only secure but also private. Using Trails is easy. All you need is USB drives. Look for tutorials on how to use Trails to remain anonymous online. For instance, when using a public computer, your privacy can be infringed. However, a USB drive will secure your privacy and make your dealings private.

Also, when shopping for gifts such as birthday presents and you don’t want your family to find out, think about using trails. Trails are instrumental when it comes to hiding your tracks.

USB Business Cards

Networking is an important aspect of any business. Any successful business person should score excellently when it comes to networking. In particular, going creative is the best way to stand out from the crowd. And that’s where gifts come in. You can repurpose your USB drive to act as gifts. There are several branding companies out there that can make you great USB business-based cards. Ensure that your company’s contact information is on the business card. You can also list the goods and services you are offering. It will boost your business and bring you more clients.

Key Takeaway

With modern technology, the storage of information is now easy and secure. Nowadays, you can store huge volumes of information in a USB flash disk and carry it to and from the workplace. Flash disks are portable, secure, and efficient when it comes to the storage of information. Still more, flash disks can be used in a myriad of ways. From securing your computer to acting as business cards, USB flash disks have so much to offer. So, don’t stick to the conventional methods of storing information. Get a good USB drive and store your information comfortably.

However, don’t purchase any flash disk. Remember, there are several flash disks on the market. Its, therefore, important to conduct your research. When shopping around for a reliable flash disk, conduct your research. Get your drive from a reputable company. These flash disks are all about quality, security, portability, etc. Look for a USB flash disk with enough space. Get your USB flash disk from a reputable company.

The Bottom-Line

When it comes to storing information, space and security take center stage. And that’s what USB flash drives bring to the table. Capable of securing huge volumes of information, USB flash drives are not only portable but also easy to use. They can help you accomplish office work at home more efficiently. Still, more you can use these drives to secure your computer and even play games. In a nutshell, USB flash drives have so much to offer. Conduct your research before purchasing your USB drive. Get your USB drive today and get the most out of it with the above tips and tricks.

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