How to get total knowledge?

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For proper knowledge, we must come to the logic of reasoning. For example, if we look at this virgin creation, observe it carefully and use logic, then existence of God is predicted. It is fine that the power of God is not direct to the senses. God is not seen anywhere, not seen But if you use reasonary reasoning, think about how well the system of the world universe is, how purposeful it is, then it will surely reach this determination that its governing power as God also exists. In this way reasoning can be a very clear idea of divine power. Later, through his yoga practice, his direct experience can also be found.

These truth-seekers are the source of true wisdom, reverence for the words of saints and saints. This third source of good knowledge for seekers running Yoga Path is the most important and practical. For those who practbooksice yoga, it can also be said that complete devotion to words of your master is a source of complete knowledge. Preacher’s words are sometimes a big oasis. But they are wrapped in love. Even if he does not understand them properly, even if a seeker starts to behave with total reverence, then he gets himself a proper knowledge.

There is no place of logic in relation to words of Preacher, because level of consciousness that has been said, there is no logic and intelligence available. If there is reasoning about this, then we will sit down all those who want to give us our master. Because they not only know what they have to give to the disciples? Rather, they also know that what is to be given to us, how to give it all is to be given. Therefore, only devotion and full devotion is the only solution. Whatever guru say, whatever way you say it, with complete reverence, it is sure to have complete knowledge. There is no doubt about it. These three sources of authenticity are helpful in our intervals.

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