How to Grow Your Instagram in 2021

Your worth in the social media realm relies heavily on engagement and followers. You can look at it like money and wealth. The more you have, the better your financial portfolio.

Getting attention to and interactions on your social content on Instagram is key to boosting your presence, credibility, authority, and revenue online. Instagram’s algorithm is designed to show the content with the most engagement at any given time.

It helps to keep up with trends and current events, but you must also create unique, targeted content that will draw the best audience for your products, services, or brand. The following will give you some effective ways to grow your Instagram in 2021.

1) Optimize Your Instagram Profile

If you are operating a business or using Instagram to earn an income, it is imperative to have a business account. Why? Instagram business profiles give you more control of your account and you get important analytics you will need to create future content for your audience.

The Instagram business account offers other advantages such as a contact button, the ability to run Instagram Ads, and sometimes access to new beta features you do not get with a personal account.

To create an optimized and easy-to-find Instagram business profile, use these tips for filling out your bio and profile.

  • Provide your contact information and address.
  • Input your value proposition (wat you do).
  • Give people an appealing reason to contact you and stay in touch.
  • Offer a method of contact besides Instagram (such as your website).

2) Using Hashtags

The proper use of hashtags on Instagram makes your content easy to find for people who are interested in your niche. Most Instagrammers fail to effectively use them. Since this platform’s algorithm is data driven, you need a good hashtag strategy.

The key to hashtags is to use relevant hashtags related to your content. While overusing hashtags can be a problem, Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags, so use that to your advantage.  Do not use hashtags that are irrelevant or spammy.

Hashtag Tips:

  • Use all 30 hashtags for improved engagement and growth.
  • You may hide them with five dots at the bottom if you don’t want them to display.
  • Add hashtags to your post, but not the first comment.
  • Use follower and niche-relevant hashtags (do your research).
  • Using less popular, long-tail hashtags is powerful.
  • Trying to use only the most popular hashtags will cause your content to get lost in the crowd of millions of other posts.

Hashtags increase your visibility and reach, but also boost your engagement with more likes.

3) Using Geotagging – Location

A business that is specific to a local area, geotagging is a great tool. If you want Instagrammers to find your business, they need to know where you are. Geotagging helps boost your followers, locally.

Geotagging allows people to see your address, business category, your website URL, phone number, and your hours of operation. Images and videos that other Instagrammers tag your business in are easily and readily seen.

Simply add location as you create a post so that it is searchable for the intended location. This tactic can be used in posts and Instagram Stories respectively.

4) Using Engagement – Likes, Comments, Responses

It is not wise to expect people to engage with you if you put out content for them to engage on and then you do not engage with them in kind. You must engage to make the most of your Instagram content. It will result in more views, make your profile more searchable, and increase your following and loyal buyer base.

People like authentic, genuine likes, comments, and responses. A simple formula: If you want to grow your engagement, you must be engaging.

Another part of this engagement includes sharing user-generated content, which is another element of a great marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

These tips for how to grow your Instagram in 2021 are the tip of the iceberg but will get you started.

Remember these factors:

  • Be consistent in content and posting frequency.
  • Use timely posts to ensure your content is seen by as many active online followers.
  • Actively engage in responsible direct messaging (DM).
  • Create Instagram Stories and/or IGTV videos.
  • Start using Instagram Reels.
  • Watch for further new features on Instagram.

If you find yourself getting lost on Instagram, you can also use services to buy Instagram followers or to start building your presence more quickly and efficiently. This company has a great reputation for effective Instagram engagement and growth.

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